Lumifi unveils research and collaboration portal

lumifi Lumifi unveils research and collaboration portalLumifi, LLC today launched its interactive research and collaboration portal. Developed for students, professional researchers and other “information hounds,” the new portal leverages Lumifi’s proprietary software that can read search results, websites or documents for you, automatically extracting the most significant topics and associated citations. Lumifi analyzes the relationships between words to produce contextual insight not possible with traditional indexing or search technologies.

The Lumifi platform offers tools to manage information, enabling users to keep their digital content organized in one place. For the user, this means all of the links, documents, and snippets of information they have previously stored in disparate places can be archived according to specific topics, much like an online notebook.

If users want to work in teams or study groups, Lumifi has built an enterprise-class collaboration portal with advanced messaging and note sharing functionality. The collaboration features were built to overcome the inefficiencies of email as a collaboration tool. Notes and messages can be attached to any specific piece of content and live with that content wherever it is archived.

InterSearch Group forges strategic agreement with

intersearch InterSearch Group forges strategic agreement with Shopping.comInterSearch Group, operator of industry specific web portals such as,, and announced that is has signed an e-commerce partnership agreement with, an eBay company.

InterSearch is leveraging’s robust online catalog of 60 million product SKUs in over 280 categories by integrating product listings with related user content on some of its premium portal sites. Both companies will immediately begin to integrate product listings from top online retailers in some of’s most popular categories, such as: the Cars category with, the Sports & Outdoors category with and the Health & Beauty and Gifts categories for, among others. These integrations will add a variety of new content channels and incremental revenue streams to the premium sites.

“We are very excited about this new partnership with and the mutual value this brings as we continue to build out our content and offerings for our user base on our properties,” said Executive Vice President of Revenue Development for InterSearch Group, Robert Hoult. “We believe this relationship provides both companies with significant incremental revenue opportunities through the introduction of’s product line to our expanding user base,” concluded Hoult.