now updates listings every 15 minutes

realtor com now updates listings every 15, which recently added a Windows Mobile offering for those seeking real estate information, announced today they would be more frequently updating listings in participating metro areas. It currently updates listings from nearly half of the 900 MLS systems across the US multiple times per day. is shooting to increase listing updates every 15 minutes. The company hopes to increase the number of properties being updated in 15 minute increments from more than 500,000 every 15 minutes today to more than a million later this year. Some of the metro areas getting thie more frequent listings include Washington DC and Baltimore, Atlanta, Orange County, Boston, Memphis, Las Vegas, Ft. Myers, Cincinnati, Northern Michigan, North San Francisco Bay area and the Silicon Valley, and San Jose.

“Nothing’s more frustrating than going online to research properties and finding you’re basing a decision on old or out-of-date information,” said President Errol Samuelson. “With 15-minute MLS updates, consumers now have access to comprehensive information on listings in as close to real time as possible. This means a seller’s home will be visible to potential buyers faster and buyers will be able to find new homes or price reductions faster.” goes mobile on Windows devices

mobile realtor goes mobile on Windows devicesRealtors and consumers looking to make the most out of using their wireless mobile devices for hunting down potential homes have some new technology at their disposal starting today. has introduced Mobile for on the go house seekers. Mobile comes in the form of a free, downloadable application you install on a Windows Mobile enabled cell phone or PDA. With this application a home searcher can enter search criteria including city, state or zip codes, price range, as well as number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Results which are found offer contact information for the listing agent as well as the ability to map to each home for sale in the area.

Favorite homes can be listed in a bookmarking style feature and Mobile also supports GPS-enabled devices for a homes near by feature. Homes can be found within a 10-mile range using this particular application. launches online Webinars

foreclosure launches online Webinars To help current and future investors to learn tips and strategies from experts, America’s largest and most accurate searchable database of foreclosed homes and investment property information has improved its training program with the addition of semi-monthly online Webinars.

“We’ll address an array of real estate topics during our Webinars, from foreclosure investing to effective preforeclosure strategies to the benefits of a short sale,” said Linda Yates, Director of Education, “We pack so much valuable information into our Webinars to ensure that there is something of interest – and something to learn – for everyone who participates.”

These 90-minute educational sessions are live, which means that participants are able to see, hear and interact with the experts right from their personal computer screens. In fact, Webinars are driven in part by visitor feedback and questions that are posed during the sessions.

Webinars will feature some of the top real estate minds and gurus from around the nation. These special guest presenters will share their secrets to success and provide information that ensures participants walk away with real know-how knowledge.

AOL taps Fidelity for real estate listings

aol real estate AOL taps Fidelity for real estate listingsAOL announced today a partnership with Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions to provide broker and MLS listings for AOL Real Estate users as well as providing home evaluations through Fidelity’s Cyberhomes tools.

AOL said that later on this fall home buyers and sellers will be able to search the real estate listings provided by Fidelity as well as having expanded access to the Cyberhomes home evaluation information and market data. The Cyberhomes Web site itself has been active since November of last year.

“This is the beginning of a great partnership with Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions to deliver potential home buyers with the valuable content, information, and analysis they need to make smart real estate decisions,” said Samara Jaffe, General Manager of AOL Real Estate. “This partnership brings together one of the top real estate sites on the Internet with a premier real estate data and services provider.”

StrutYourHut surfaces as real estate social network

strut your hut StrutYourHut surfaces as real estate social networkA new free online real estate community has sprung up to help buyers and renters get more personally connected to homes and apartments. StrutYourHut is live now as a real estate social network.

StrutYourHut lets all users, real estate agents or otherwise, create video montages and animated slide shows which can be integrated into individual listing pages. These videos can also be tied into sites like YouTube. Additionally, StrutYourHut lets users upload unlimited videos, keep blogs for each listing and more.

This site is also be promoted as a vehicle to keep friends and family updated on a person’s living conditions by seeing where he lives, what home improvements are going on and ideas they can draw upon to improve their own homes.