More People Using Mobile Phones To Research Purchases

phone shopping 300x182 More People Using Mobile Phones To Research PurchasesA study recently conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project shows that more than fifty percent of people who shopped during the 2011 holiday season used their mobile phones to do research on various products before committing to buy them.

The study involved 1,000 adults and according to the results, it was found out that a fourth of them took out their mobile phone while shopping inside a store in order to look up the price for the products they’re eyeing at online resellers.  [Read more...]

Barnes & Noble Offers Huge Discounts for Nook Devices

barnes and noble nook 300x213 Barnes & Noble Offers Huge Discounts for Nook DevicesBarnes & Noble is intent on bringing its nook devices to a broader market and take the attention away from Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which is enjoying phenomenal sales. The company is doing this by offering discounts for a number of its Nook devices.

For example, buyers of the new Nook Tablet can get a $50 discount if they also buy one year subscription to the electronic edition of People Magazine, which costs $9.99 per monthly issue. With the discount, the Nook Tablet now comes out at the same price as the Kindle Fire, which is $199. [Read more...]

Kindle is the Most Gifted Item on Amazon Ever

Screen shot 2009 12 27 at 5.24.46 AM Kindle is the Most Gifted Item on Amazon Ever

Amazon should be thankful for the Holiday season as it can rest easy on the stress brought about by Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Sony PRS e-Readers.  It looks like there are more Kindle owners right now than before as it is now the most gifted item on Amazon. And if this is not enough, on Christmas Day, Amazon achieved quite a record-breaking sale on Kindle books than the printed ones.

And no one could be more pleased than Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos as he claims:

“We are grateful to our customers for making Kindle the most gifted item ever in our history. On behalf of employees around the world, we wish everyone happy holidays and happy reading.”

I could just imagine Dan Brown grinning from ear to ear right now, since his new book “The Lost Symbol” is among the top-selling Kindle books on Amazon. And so did Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue” and Kathryn Stockett’s “The Help.”

Going back to Amazon’s Holiday shopping report. It was noted the Amazon’s sales peak was on Dec. 14, when consumers flock to the site and ordered 7 million units of various Amazon products. Amazon shipped to over 178 countries on this day.

Aside from the Kindle, the 8GB iPod Touch, Garmin nuvi 260W 4.3-inch GPS unit are also among the hottest-selling Amazon Electronics products.

So, did you get any of these items as a Christmas gift?

Read the full Amazon PR here.

Luxury Goods Makers Resort to Private Online Shopping Site to Sell their Overstocks

Screen shot 2009 11 05 at 10.35.24 PM 490x269 Luxury Goods Makers Resort to Private Online Shopping Site to Sell their Overstocks

If there’s one good thing the came out of the recently ended recession, that has to be the proliferation of members-only online shopping sites. And guess who are supplying their wares? None other than the makers of luxury goods which have found a new avenue to sell their goods particularly the overstocks which remained in their inventory.

Thanks to private online shopping site such as Gilt Groupe, Rue La La, and Ideeli, luxury brands have found their way to fashionistas who were forced to tighten their belt during the economic recession. [Read more...]

Online consumer reviews strongly affect offline buying behavior

We already know most consumers rely on the Internet and unbiased consumer reviews before buying anything. What we don’t know is how significant is its impact to offline buying habits.

A new study of comScore and The Kelsey Group reveals that nearly one out of every four Internet users (24 percent) reported using online reviews prior to paying for a service delivered offline.

This study also showed that consumers were willing to pay between 20 percent and 99 percent more for an Excellent (5 star) rating than for a Good (4 star rating), depending on the product category.

comscore2 Online consumer reviews strongly affect offline buying behavior

“This study underscores the importance of providing not just good, but excellent, service if a business hopes to generate positive consumer reviews which will result in greater sales,” said Brian Jurutka, senior director, comScore Marketing Solutions.

Read full details

Consumers to spend less this holiday

Although the latest report on U.S. retail e-commerce is positive, a new study conducted by Q Interactive reveals that more than 40 percent of consumers plan to spend less on holiday gifts than they did last year.

Among the 3,500 surveyed consumers, 45 percent intend to spend the same amount and only around 15 percent plan to increase their spending from last holiday season.

Of those who will spend less on holiday gifts, the 52 percent indicated the primary reason is they are “earning less money” and “have more expenses” this year. Other reasons for not spending as much this year include: “high gas prices” (11percent); “worried about the economy” (11 percent); and a feeling that “the holiday has become too commercial” (13 percent).

Even if nearly 80 percent of consumers report they will buy most their gifts at brick-and-mortar retailers, the Internet will still play a key role, however, as nearly 59 percent of consumers will research at least some of their gifts online and 19 percent will research all of their gifts online before purchasing them at an offline store.

Shopping search engine buys female shopping site Glimpse

glimpse Shopping search engine buys female shopping site GlimpseComparison shopping search engine TheFind.Com buys out female-powered startup to add to its growing empire of shopping guide sites.

Based in Moutain View CA, TheFind continues its mission to deliver comprehensive results that would lead online shoppers to the right places through a technology they call “Product Ranking Engine.” With Glimpse reaching the cut for Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites for 2007, this female shopping site is definitely an added asset as it continues to make fashion shopping easy to the vast female market across the web. was launched last fall, and just last April. There was no disclosure as to the amount of the buyout is concerned.

Teletrade to auction online large gold coin

big gold coin Teletrade to auction online large gold coinHow would you like to own a pizza-sized gold coin? If you are the highest bidder in the upcoming online auction put on by Escala Group, a global collectibles company in stamps, coins and militaria, you will.

The coin, which will be on auction beginning August 16, is a 100 kilogram coin published by the Royal Canadian Mint. It weighs over 220 pounds contains more than $2 million of gold bullion. The auction coincides with the launch of Teletrade Direct, a new service to sell gold, silver and platinum bullion coins.

“It’s the most valuable coin ever offered in an online-only auction,” said Ian Russell, President of Teletrade, an online rare coin auction company. Teletrade is part of Escala’s Spectrum Numismatics division. users vote on best tech deals

logic buy1 users vote on best tech dealsLogic Media has launched what it is a calling a hybrid tech deal Web site for using community members to find and rate shopping deals online. is designed to help shoppers find the lowest prices on electronics, video games and computers. uses its community and a team of editors to rate submitted deals offered by popular online merchants. Editors look for the latest deals to post on the Web site while community members also shares potential great deals they have found in their Web explorations.

Deals, once posted, are voted upon in a “Hot” or “Not” style format. Those deals which get more positive feedback appear higher in the listings, while deals considered to be “Not” get buried because they are not considered as compelling.