Sony Completes Ericsson Buyout

sony1 Sony Completes Ericsson BuyoutLast October we reported on Sony’s desire to go it alone with their mobile phone business, which will effectively end its partnership with Ericsson.

Now, the Sony Ericsson partnership and mobile phone brand is effectively ended as the deal for Sony buying out Ericson in the partnership has been consummated. Sony has paid Ericsson the equivalent of $1.3 billion. [Read more...]

Feature Phones Still Posting High Sales Figures

phones2 228x300 Feature Phones Still Posting High Sales FiguresSmartphones may be getting most of the attention in the mobile phone industry because of the amazing features that are constantly being introduced by phone manufacturers. But feature phones are not entirely dead yet. In fact, feature phones are still selling at a very impressive rate.

Nokia has recently announced that it has sold its 1.5 billionth feature phone – a Series 40 model. The company also said that they sell 12 similar phones very second. [Read more...]

Sony Announces New CMOS Sensor, Ushers In More Powerful Smartphone Cameras

Sony 300x200 Sony Announces New CMOS Sensor, Ushers In More Powerful Smartphone CamerasIn an earlier article here in 901AM, we talked reported on survey results that more and more people are relying on the cameras on their phones in favor of point and shoots for taking photos on the fly. That report showed that current technologies are making the built in cameras on phones perform almost at par with stand-alone cameras. But Sony has announced a new technology that will still narrow that gap between built-in cameras and stand-alone cameras some more. [Read more...]

AT&T Reveals 3G pricing for PS Vita

sony playstation vita 266x300 AT&T Reveals 3G pricing for PS VitaOne of the cool features of the PS Vita, Sony’s new handheld gaming console, is 3G connectivity. This allows for online features to be built into the Vita without the need for WiFi. Of course, with a 3G feature, it’s logical that that this new console will be offered through mobile service providers.

Last year, Sony said that the PS Vita will be offered through AT&T. No further information were given up until this week when AT&T finally revealed the details of the PS Vita 3G service. The plan is actually similar to what AT&T already offers. [Read more...]

Sony To Phase Out Feature Phones, Will Exclusively Make Smartphones

Sony Ericsson Logo 300x213 Sony To Phase Out Feature Phones, Will Exclusively Make SmartphonesA few weeks back, we reported that Sony is planning to go it alone as a mobile phone manufacturer and have plans of buying the shares of Ericsson and effectively end the Sony-Ericsson partnership.

Now that Sony has made good on its plans and is now the sole owner of the Sony Ericsson phone company, the electronics manufacturer is now preparing new plans as it moves forward. The latest news from the Sony camp is that it will begin phasing out its feature phones and concentrate solely on smartphones in the future. [Read more...]

Is Sony planning to buy off Ericsson?

sony 300x238 Is Sony planning to buy off Ericsson?Sony managed to gain entrance into the burgeoning mobile phone market industry at the beginning of the new century by performing an otherwise deft business maneuver – partnering with Ericsson, a popular mobile phone brand at the time. The new Sony-Ericsson partnership was successful in developing a lot of new mobile phones that captured the attention of fickle mobile phone user crowd. Some of these models are even considered classics now.

But the benefits of that partnership has dwindled significantly as other manufacturers tightened their hold on the market or increased their market share. Sony Ericsson’s market share, on the other hand, has declined. At one point, it held a nine percent market share but right now, it is said to be just holding a three percent share of the mobile phone market. [Read more...]

Should Sony Launch A “Pwn2Own” Competition?

Playstation Network Logo 300x292 Should Sony Launch A Pwn2Own Competition?Right on the heels of patching up a security flaw from their last hack attack, it looks like hackers were once again able to break into Sony’s servers and embarrass the corporation even further.

Naked Security has more details regarding the hack, although truth be told this latest breach could cost the company millions (if not billions) of dollars in lost future revenue as consumers become weary of shopping upon the Play Station Network.

Although Sony has hired security organizations to help fix any future problems, the company might be better off by launching a Pwn2Own competition in order to help seal up any potential security holes. [Read more...]

How PlayStation Can Regain User Trust After Being Hacked

ps network 279x300 How PlayStation Can Regain User Trust After Being HackedAfter allegedly being hacked by Anonymous (the same group that attacked Amazon), Sony is promising that the PlayStation Network will reappear by the end of this month.

The company is in the process of adopting an improved security system and its plan to restart the services fully by May 31 is unchanged, he said. Sony shut down the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services April 20 because of possible data theft by hackers. (Bloomberg)

In order to appease fans, Sony is offering users four free games when the service reappears, although the company is only allowing fans to choose games from a preselected list.

While offering free games is “okay,” Sony needs to provide a better way to secure users accounts in order to regain the trust lost from fans (especially after Sony waited a full week before notifying anyone about the seriousness of the breach).

Although rebuilding the PlayStation Network from scratch is a good start, Sony might want to take a cue from Facebook and employ a two step verification feature whenever someone logs on or charges their credit card.

Since two step verification can be seen as a nuisance by some users, Sony should make this feature opt-in for the masses.

While only time will tell if Sony will be able to regain the trust of their users, securing how people can access the games that they love (as well as their credit cards) is a good start.

T-Mobile UK Customers Get Sony Ericsson’s Android Phone, Xperia X10

Screen shot 2010 03 22 at 9.41.27 PM 490x272 T Mobile UK Customers Get Sony Ericssons Android Phone, Xperia X10

Finally, folks in the UK who have long been waiting for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 to arrive on local shores can soon get their hands on this Android-powered device. T-Mobile UK is now  accepting orders for Xperia X10 although the product page says that you have to wait for 10 days to get the unit after you placed your order.

T-Mobile UK is offering the Xperia X10 on a £35.00 per month data plan which will lock you to T-Mobile contract for 24  months. With that you’ll get free 900 minutes, 500 texts, flexible boosters and unlimited internet. If you find this price a little bit pricey, you may want to hold off you order and wait if Vodafone will offer the Xperia X10 at a better deal. But if you can only wait for 10 days, then place your order now.

In case you’re interested with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, some of its key features include the following:

  • 8 MP camera with zoom and flash plus video capture
  • 3G, GPRS, Bluetooth and GPS
  • TV on your phone
  • Mobile Jukebox
  • Media Player (audio, gmes, video)
  • 8GB memory card
  • 5.5 hours talk time
  • 340 hours standby time
  • Timescape
  • Mediascape
  • Access to thousands of apps from the Android Market
  • 1GHz Processor
  • HSPA and WiFi
  • 3.55mm audio jack

You might also want to check for the Android version that this phone is getting before you decide to take the plunge.

Sony Playstation Network Starts Offering HD Movies

Screen shot 2010 03 10 at 5.29.37 AM Sony Playstation Network Starts Offering HD MoviesSony Computer Entertainment America has just snagged a content distribution deal with several major movie studios that will allow Playstation 3 owners to have some great movie titles delivered via the Playstation Network.  This deal just made the Playstation as the first to offer HD movies from practically all the major studios, hence establishing itself as a powerful home entertainment platform not just for video gaming but for total entertainment as well.

Among those who agreed on the movie distribution deal are 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. The deal includes both purchase and rental of the major studios’ titles on their movie catalogs.

To kick this deal off, here are new titles available today on the Playstation Network:

  • “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian”, “Jennifer’s Body” and “Fantastic Mr. Fox” – 20th Century Fox
  • “Up”, “G-Force”, “Earth” – Walt Disney Pictures
  • “Star Trek”, Paranormal Activity”, “Zoolander” – Paramount Pictures
  • “This Is It”, “2012″, “District 9″ and “Zombieland” – Sony Pictures
  • “The Hangover”, “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”, “Wizard of Oz” – Warner Bros
  • “Inglorious Basterd”, “Couples Retreat”, “Public Enemies” – Universal

There are great movie titles. One is even nominated for the Oscars recently – Inglorious Basterd”. So if you own a Playstation 3 and have registered for the Playstation Network, you can grab these great movies and have delivered to you via your connected Playstation 3 console.