Splashpress Media Wire Week 23

901am Is part of the blog network Splashpress Media. Splashpress Media maintains more than 100 blogs and also offers several internet and blogging related services. We will weekly feature some of the best content across the network.

New Editor at Splashpress Media

On Monday Jayvee Fernandez was announced as new editor for all blogs maintained by Splashpress Media. Jayvee is an experienced editor and has previously maintained the b5media Inc. technology channel.
Read the announcement here.

WordPress and WordPressMU will merge: good or bad

Blog Herald editor, and designer of many Splashpress Media blogs, Thord Daniel Hedengren shares his opinion on the announced merger of WordPress with WordPressMU.
Read at The Blog Herald.

Domain names and self-hosted content still important in a Web 2.0 world

Andy Merret on the important role of self-hosted content and domain names.
Read the entry at Performancing.

The next revolution will come in waves. Google Waves

901am Was not the only Splashpress Media blog reporting the much hyped Google Wave preview. Sophia Lucero also reviewed the announcement at Wisdump.
Read Sophia’s take here.

Looking for a blog conference in your area: Check the blog conference calendar at The Blog Herald

Our colleagues at The Blog Herald announced a new service this week. The Blog Herald now is your first resource if you’re looking for a blog conference in your area.
Find all blog conferences in The Blog Herald’s blog conference calendar.

Yahoo! 360 Closing Shop. How Confident Are You With Your Blogging Service Provider?

After the announcement that Yahoo! 360 will be closed J. Angelo Racoma wonders how safe it is to keep all your content on a hosted service such as Blogger or WordPress.com.
Read the entry at Performancing.

Sexy girls clean your iPhone screen

Over at Forever Geek yours truly announced a new iPhone application bringing sexy girls to your Jesus phone.
Read the entry at Forever Geek.

Is Norton cool enough to have its own comic

Andy announced the news that Norton, from Norton Security ‘fame’, an own comic launched. Are they cool enough for this?
Read the entry at Forever Geek.

Splashpress Media finally on Facebook

Last but not least, Splashpress Media finally launched its own Facebook page. You can now follow a selection of the finest Splashpress Media content on Facebook.

And 901am finally has a 901am Twitter account.