Asus Releases PadFone 2


aspad 300x207 Asus Releases PadFone 2Asus has officially announced the PadFone 2, the second generation of the company’s innovative smartphone – tablet combination device. The product was launched in two simultaneous events that were held in Milan and Taipei.


The PadFone 2 has undergone a major redesign and this more intuitive design is what Asus is trying to sell to consumers. The original PadFone had a small door located at the back of the dock for the PadFone tablet. This is where the smartphone is attached. [Read more...]

Amazon May Release Two Kindle Fire 2 Models

Kindle 300x225 Amazon May Release Two Kindle Fire 2 ModelsAmazon has announced that it will hold an event on September 6 in Santa Monica, California. Many industry pundits are already guessing that this event will be an announcement of new Kindle products.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is going to launch two Kindle Fire tablets during the event. Following the strategy it used with the Kindle e-book readers. The two models will be a regular one and one that is ad-supported. The ad-supported Kindle Fire model will reportedly be sold at a price that is much lower than the $199 price of the original Kindle Fire. With the current ad-supported platform for the Kindle e-book reader, the ad-supported model is $30 cheaper than the regular model. [Read more...]

Barnes & Noble Cuts Nook Prices

nook 300x204 Barnes & Noble Cuts Nook PricesThere’s a reason why stiff competition among manufacturers is always beneficial to us consumers. Just look at what’s happening right now at the 7-inch tablet market segment.

With the Google Nexus 7 launching to massive success both with critics and consumers, the other players in its market segment are beginning to feel the pressure. The first to blink is Barnes & Noble. The book retailer has announced that it has cut the prices of its tablet products.

According to the announcement, the Nook Color’s price has now been reduced from $169 to $149. The Nook 8GB tablet is now priced at $179 from its original price of $199, and the 16GB variant of the Nook tablet is now going to retail for $199 from its previous price of $249. [Read more...]

Samsung To Release Galaxy Note 10.1

note 300x225 Samsung To Release Galaxy Note 10.1The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was a new product by Samsung that was first shown during the Mobile World Congress held last February. The Galaxy Note 10.1 was a mashup of a device – bringing together the Galaxy Tab with the S-Pen stylus that was one of the major innovations of the Galaxy Note.

Unfortunately, it did not get a lot of excited reception from the people who saw it, mainly because some of the specifications were a little suspect. First, it only has a relatively vanilla 1.4Ghz dual core processor and a 1280 x 800 pixel display resolution. These were specs that was unimpressive, to say the least and it became immediately unattractive when Apple release the New Ipad and its far superior hardware. [Read more...]

RIM To Release a 4G PlayBook

playbook1 300x264 RIM To Release a 4G PlayBookI love writing news about Research in Motion and the BlackBerry. I’m not really a fan of the company or their product but we all know that RIM has been going through some really tough times lately. Most people think they’re already out for the count but the company keeps chugging along. I admire the company’s tenaciousness and maybe a part of me is hoping they’ll arrive at some kind of formula that would make them bounce back. Okay, not back to the heights that it once enjoyed because that is really asking for a lot, but for it to at least give a good enough fight and still slug it out with Android, iOS and Windows. [Read more...]

North Korea Comes Out With Its Own Tablet

 North Korea Comes Out With Its Own TabletNorth Korea may be one of the most secretive countries in the world and news involving the country are generally not always positive. Thank heavens, then for good pieces of tech news like this – North Korea has launched its own tablet that it will be bringing to its consumers. [Read more...]

Lenovo’s New Transformable Tablet Launches with Attractive Price

lenovos ideatab 300x200 Lenovos New Transformable Tablet Launches with Attractive PriceLenovo has released a new product to compete in the transformable tablet market niche and it’s making itself noticed with its very attractive price.

The Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 was originally shown in January but is now available online. Although the standard price for the product will be $450, buyers can get the IdeaTab S2110 for only $343.20 – quite a reasonable price for a tablet that runs Android 4.0. The optional keyboard dock can be had for just an additional $56. So in essence, you’ll only pay for the whole package for just $400 – a real steal. Compare it with the pricing of the other popular transformable tablet in the market, the ASUS Transformer, where the keyboard alone costs $150 and its Transformer tablets range from $400 to $500. [Read more...]

New Survey Reveals Tablets Changing User Preferences for Reading

tablet reading 300x211 New Survey Reveals Tablets Changing User Preferences for ReadingA recently released survey shows that tablets are now being used in favor of netbooks as mobile PCs.

A survey recently conducted by Gartner showed that tablets are becoming the choice of people who often read newspapers, books and magazines. The survey revealed that more than 50 percent of its respondents said they prefer to read on their tablets instead of traditional mediums. The exact nature of what tablets they use or prefer to use were not revealed. But the results show that people may not have completely shifted to tablets, but that undeniable shift is happening, with a “less paper” environment now being achieved, still a long ways away from the “paperless” utopia that some people have been predicting for decades now. [Read more...]

Microsoft Unveils Surface Tablet

microsoft surface 300x214 Microsoft Unveils Surface TabletMicrosoft is going to go head to head with Apple’s dominance in the tablet landscape with its new Microsoft Surface tablet. The new device was unveiled during a press event held in Los Angeles.

Rumors of Microsoft making a tablet has been circulating on the internet for many months now and the final reveal was not much of a surprise. What was surprising though was the tablet itself, with many saying that it does look like it has what it takes to really take on Apple. The Microsoft Surface tablet was revealed by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, with Steven Sinofsky talking more about the tablet at length. [Read more...]

RIM to Discontinue 16GB Playbook

blackberry playbook bg 300x264 RIM to Discontinue 16GB PlaybookResearch in Motion doesn’t seem like its getting any kind of break in such a long time. The troubled company, makers of the once enterprise level smartphone of choice BlackBerry, has announced that it will stop making the 16GB BlackBerry Playbook, the company’s entry into the tablet market.

RIM has clarified it will not abandon the tablet market and that it continues to be committed to the 32GB and 64GB models of the BlackBerry Playbook, which will still be available from RIM’s distributors and retailers worldwide. [Read more...]