Six Apart launches TypePad for iPhone and iPod

typepad Six Apart launches TypePad for iPhone and iPodSix Apart today announced the release of a mobile version of the award-winning TypePad blogging application customized for the Apple iPhone.

The TypePad iPhone application was designed from the ground up to be optimized for Apple’s innovative multi-touch iPhone display. TypePad bloggers can easily create new posts, edit existing posts, manage comments from their community, and configure settings to send photos directly from their iPhone to their blog. The TypePad iPhone application will also work on the recently announced iPod touch.

TypePad gets Pages, Blogs go Beyond

typepad TypePad gets Pages, Blogs go BeyondAs a convinced WordPress user it’s hard not to snicker when reading the announcement that TypePad gets static pages. Old news for WP users, but fine, it’s a good addition and if you use TypePad you can enjoy it right away.

If you’re a TypePad blogger, we know you’re serious about making a great blog. But what about the parts of your site that don’t fit into your blog? A detailed contact page listing all the ways someone can get in touch. What about a biography that explains just how you became such an expert on the topic you blog about? Or, maybe your business’s blog needs a good set of directions to your office, along with a map. A couple extra pages on your site would add a lot of power and flexibility to your blog.

Why are they adding pages, by the way? Most likely because the users want it, but it also shows that blogs are more than just blogs these days. Blogging software powers major websites, it’s not just journals and quick reports anymore. Which makes me wonder if the term “blog” isn’t a bit worn out in a lot of aspects…