3 Reasons Why You Need SEO for Your Business

seo press release 500x203 300x121 3 Reasons Why You Need SEO for Your Business

Implementing the latest and most effective marketing techniques is crucial for staying ahead of the pack and connecting with consumers. SEO is undoubtedly one of today’s most popular strategies because it’s useful for businesses in nearly all niches.

Here are three reasons why it should be a part of your marketing campaign. [Read more...]

Monitor Your Home Security System Anywhere With Your Smartphone

1352343593 security0Large1 300x180 Monitor Your Home Security System Anywhere With Your SmartphoneImage via YaZoom






With the advancements in modern technology, what used to take huge computers can now fit in the palm of your hand. And true enough, the technology does exist to this day through smartphones. Today’s smartphones can practically do anything – even help you out in keeping your home safe from intruders.


DIY Home Security

With today’s technology, you can now use your smartphone to connect to the internet and access cameras you can place all over your home through internet camera software – kind of like broadcasting a live feed of your home via webcam that only you can access.


Smartphone + Home Security System

Coupled with a home security system, however, and your smartphone becomes one of the most useful tools for home security purposes as it then adds the capability to remotely control your entire home security network. Through your smartphone, you can check on the status of your home alarm system, enable or disable your security system from virtually anywhere, access your security camera feeds in real time, even take control of your home’s thermostat and lights!


Green Security

Another bonus of making use of your smartphone for home security purposes is in creating a greener, eco-friendlier home. Through your smartphone + home security hookup, you can control your home from afar – meaning being able to turn on your lights when it’s nighttime at your place to lessen the chances of break-ins, then turning it off again in the morning. You can also adjust your thermostat in case you forgot to before you left, saving you a lot of energy.


About the guest author:

Martha is a freelance blogger who specializes in matters of keeping a safe and comfortable home. A mother of 2, Martha gets all her security services from www.HomeSecuritySystems.com


Nokia Still Going to Release a Windows 7.5 Phone, The Nokia 510

510 300x180 Nokia Still Going to Release a Windows 7.5 Phone, The Nokia 510Expect Windows 8 phones to start popping up in stores by next month, that is, right after Microsoft’s official launch even for its smartphone lineup on Monday. As expected, people will probably think that the Windows 7.5, the old mobile OS, is now effectively abandoned. But Nokia doesn’t think it should leave Windows 7.5 just yet.

The company thinks that Windows 7.5 is still a viable OS in terms of public acceptance and consumption that’s why, instead of abandoning it in favor of Windows 8, it is coming out with a new entry-level phone that will have it as an operating system. [Read more...]

Google Now Second Most Valuable Tech Company in The World, Edges Microsoft

29578v7 max 450x450 Google Now Second Most Valuable Tech Company in The World, Edges Microsoft

Google’s great management decisions is now bearing fruit as it officially becomes the second most valuable technology company on earth. Google has edged out Microsoft, which used to hold the top position.

After trading closed last Monday, Google finally broke through and topped Microsoft’s total value. According to reports, Google showed a valuation of $249.1 billion. Microsoft, on the other hand, had a valuation of $247.2 billion. Google’s numbers were no fluke either. When trading resumed the following day as Google continued its lead over Microsoft, even though the gap between the two narrowed down a bit. [Read more...]

More Than Half of Teens, Aged 13 to 17, Now Own Smartphones

300px HTC Trophy smartphone More Than Half of Teens, Aged 13 to 17, Now Own Smartphones

English: An image of the HTC Trophy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Based on new research conducted by Nielsen, it was revealed that of teenagers aged 13 to 17 years old who live in the United States, 58 percent own a smartphone. This is a very significant increase from the 36 percent saturation rate that was measured just a year ago.

The research has also shown that the largest incidence of smartphone ownership is at the 25 to 34 age group, where 74 percent own a smartphone, an increase from the 59 percent measured a year ago.

Based on data collected, as of July of this year, more than half of all mobile phone subscribers in the US (55.5 percent) are smartphone owners. This is a 14.5 percent increase from a year ago. [Read more...]

RIM to Discontinue 16GB Playbook

blackberry playbook bg 300x264 RIM to Discontinue 16GB PlaybookResearch in Motion doesn’t seem like its getting any kind of break in such a long time. The troubled company, makers of the once enterprise level smartphone of choice BlackBerry, has announced that it will stop making the 16GB BlackBerry Playbook, the company’s entry into the tablet market.

RIM has clarified it will not abandon the tablet market and that it continues to be committed to the 32GB and 64GB models of the BlackBerry Playbook, which will still be available from RIM’s distributors and retailers worldwide. [Read more...]

Ubuntu Shows TV Interface

image 11 300x223 Ubuntu Shows TV InterfaceA few months ago we reported that popular Linux build Ubuntu announced that it plans to expand its coverage from just PCs and expand to mobile devices. According to Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth, the plan is for Ubuntu to eventually be installed on “tablets, phones, TVs and smart screens.” Using Ubuntu will create a seamless integration between various devices, the desktop, the servers and the cloud.

Ubuntu has gotten some mixed responses upon the announcement of its bold plan to go mobile. Some liked it, some were skeptical and others were plain apathetic about it. Ubuntu has been relatively quiet about since the announcement but the progress of its project… until CES when it finally unveiled the Ubuntu smart TV interface. [Read more...]

Feature Phones Still Posting High Sales Figures

phones2 228x300 Feature Phones Still Posting High Sales FiguresSmartphones may be getting most of the attention in the mobile phone industry because of the amazing features that are constantly being introduced by phone manufacturers. But feature phones are not entirely dead yet. In fact, feature phones are still selling at a very impressive rate.

Nokia has recently announced that it has sold its 1.5 billionth feature phone – a Series 40 model. The company also said that they sell 12 similar phones very second. [Read more...]

Samsung Sells “Revised” Galaxy Tab in Germany

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 300x176 Samsung Sells Revised Galaxy Tab in GermanySamsung hit a huge snag in Europe when Apple successfully petitioned the court to block the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in Germany. Samsung is not about to take it lying down so it has devised a way to still sell its product in Germany.

Samsung plans to take advantage of the Christmas shopping frenzy by modifying the design of its new Galaxy 10.1 tablet. The redesign decision was made to avoid being accuse of patent infringement, the case being filed by Apple against Samsung. The redesigned tablet is now called 10.1N but it only sports minor differences with the original/first 10.1 tablet model. [Read more...]

RIM Offers Freebies To Appease Irate Subscribers

blackberry logo1 300x225 RIM Offers Freebies To Appease Irate Subscribers The global service outage that happened to the Blackberry network that lasted for several days to a week recently was not just a disaster in terms of service for Research in Motion, the company behind the Blackberry, it also created a huge public relations problem for the company, putting it in an extremely bad light. The people at RIM realizes that this is indeed a big public image problem for the company and is trying to find ways to appease irate Blackberry users. [Read more...]