Using Webinars as an E-Marketing Tool

Studies have shown that webinars are an effective and cost efficient tool in reaching out to people. Small business owners and companies have recognized its importance and are now utilizing it for marketing and list building purposes.

Webinar as a marketing tool 300x170 Using Webinars as an E Marketing Tool

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While it’s true that the most popular social media platforms are doing a great job in helping businesses market their products and services, the webinar system has its own advantage over them. For one, it generates a low cost for every lead and a high level of engagement with target audience. Secondly, it is considered the second most effective method in terms of content marketing and thirdly, it promotes greater satisfaction among students thereby contributing to a higher study success rate.

Webinar vs Podcast

Compared to the podcast, the webinar has an edge in that it allows real time interaction with the attendees. This is efficient in clarifying certain issues clients and potential clients have about a particular product or service. Engagement is also assured in this method of communication. [Read more...]

Video Chat Service ooVoo Now Offers Four-Way Video Chat

17 Video Chat Service ooVoo Now Offers Four Way Video ChatSocial networking services have been popping up all over the place, with most of them presenting their own take on the social networking game. Of course, with so many services out there, features are bound to overlap one another.

One social networking service that’s trying to catch people’s attention is the weirdly named ooVoo. It’s a social video call app that is available for both the Android and iOS operating systems. OoVoo is getting very popular. [Read more...]

Google Gives YouTube Channels a Moderator

If you want to transform an otherwise “one-way” content site to a “tw0-way” community site, you have to do it one step at a time. And that’s what Google is trying to achieve with its priceless possession – YouTube. After rolling out some social sharing features, Google now deems it just about the right time to encourage more social participation not only to the YouTube site as a whole but to individual content channels created by its users. Hence, to facilitate real-time feedback and discussion on YouTube channels, Google Moderator has just been made available to everyone.

Google Moderator is a versatile, social platform that allows any YouTube user to collect comments, questions or ideas on their channels.  What’s fun about this feature is that your channel viewers can watch a particular rise to the top via this Google Moderator commenting/voting feature. Google has been using Moderator as part of its previous interviews with President Obama as well as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

In case you’re interested in using Google Moderator on your YouTube channels, here’s how Google describes how Google Moderator works:

” You set the parameters for the dialogue, including the topic, the type of submissions, and the length of the conversation. Watch as submissions get voted up or down by your audience, and then respond to the top-voted submissions by posting a video on your channel. The platform operates in real-time, and you can remove any content that you or your audience flag as inappropriate. You can also embed the platform on your own website or blog.”

To find out some more examples of how people used Google Moderator on YouTube, watch 11 more videos from users who were asked by Google to try out the Google Moderator. It’s kind of fun, actually.

Justin.TV Finally Arrives on the iPhone

For Justin.TV’s take on the iPhone market, it’s better late than never. While others have already made some applications that allowed online video streaming a long time ago, Justin.TV is banking on its million of users to make their iPhone venture a successful one.

Unfortunately though, Justin.TV’s iPhone doesn’t allow you to record your own video and stream it live yet. Although this feature is set for a future release. Still, the application is worth taking a look at as it brings some pretty good features.

The app lets you connect to your existing Justiv.TV account or create an account if you’re new to Justin.TV within the application.  The moment you logged in to Justin.TV via the app, you will be presented with a list of featured videos and screen caps.  You can tap on any of these videos and watch it stream on your iPhone. If you want to watch more videos other than the ones suggested by the app, you can always use the app’s search function. The app will also let you delete video channels from the menu initially given to you.

Another major feature of the Justin.TV iPhone app is the chat facility that you can find at the bottom right-hand corner of the video screen. It allows you to chat from within the app. You can also share channels with friends via the iPhone’s email facility. Future plans include sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

The Justin.TV app is available now for free download from the iTunes Apps Store.

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Your Chance to Become Famous, Musicians Wanted at YouTube

We all know that there’s a great pool of musical talents awaiting to be discovered on YouTube. In fact, we’ve seen several of them got famous already.  To push its continual expansion and to help more YouTube users who got what it takes to become famous, YouTube  has launched its Partner Program for musicians dubbed – Musicians Wanted.

If you believe that you have the talent to enthrall the billions of YouTube users globally with your musical talent then if I were you I’d sign up for the YouTube Partner Program for musicians right now. As in right now, before somebody else gets discovered instead of you.

If you’ve been uploading videos of you singing out Rihanna’s “Umbrella” or Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” for your friends to see and watch, why not let those videos earn some extra bucks for yourself. Who knows, you might become the next OK Go, a little band who uploaded a couple of videos that went viral on YouTube. This lead the group to start their own indie label as a result of their 30-seconds-to-fame video on YouTube.

Take it from the group’s Damien Kulas explaining how YouTube can propel your budding music carrer into new heights.

“YouTube has always been a great match for OK Go – creativity flourishes and we can connect directly with our fans. So when we heard about Musicians Wanted, it was a no-brainer: it sounds great for us. We’re honored and excited to be the first applicants. We can’t wait to get new videos up on our channel.”

Alright, what are you waiting for? Apply now for the YouTube Partner Program Musician’s Wanted gig.

YouTube Overhauls its Video Page, Hoping We Will All Like It

Screen shot 2010 02 27 at 1.23.01 AM 490x255 YouTube Overhauls its Video Page, Hoping We Will All Like It

YouTube is currently overhauling its standard video page view into something that it considers as one of the site’s biggest redesigns ever. Basically once the redesign is finished, you will noticed two major changes – new playlist interface, search queue and integrated comments.

The new playlist interface will now include an option for autoplay mode which if turned on will automatically bring you to the next video once the current video has finished playing. If you don’t want like this feature, you can always turn it off anytime. But if the search results consist of robusts set of videos You Tube will automaticall play these videos one after the other. This will now become a standard in all of the YouTube videos.

As for the search queue, this feature will let you add videos to your queue. While the integrated comments will now lists both text and video responses to trigger conversation around a video.

The new video page view is currently being tested by selected individuals. Once testing is done, expect the new video page view to appear the next time you check out YouTube.

Or, if you can’t wait that long, check out this preview site to prepared yourself for the coming changes in the way you watch video on YouTube.

Hope you like the new page view. Honestly, it’s way cleaner and more organized than the current interface.

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Final Fantasy Games Arrive on the Apps Store!

Final Fantasy fanboys, where are you?  If you’re currently waiting for the release of Final Fantasy XIII for the Playstation 3 you might want to go nostalgic first and play FF1 and FF2 on your iPhone or iPod Touch  to while away time. Yes, two of these two classic Final Fantasy games have just made it to the Apps Store and if you’re a die-hard FF fan and you’ve got $18  to spare, you can enjoy playing them again anytime, anywhere on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Each game will cost your $8.99 each and considering the current price of a Playstation game right now, I think the that price is a good deal. Well, if you’re a Final Fantasy fan. You have to be a true-blue FF fan to appreciate this game since you won’t get the same cool animation and graphics features of other iPhone or iPod Touch games from FF1 and FF2.

In case you’re not aware, the Final Fantasy franchise is one of the most popular role-playing games of all time.  It’s a turn-based strategy type of game that involves character building, finding items, completing quests and certainly more other fun and addicting game plays.

And the good news is, the FF1 and FF2 for the iPhone and iPod Touch have all those elements that we love from their console versions.

What’s exciting about this is the fact that this might just be the beginning. Hopefully, Square Ennix will bring in more FF games into the iPhone or iPod Touch. But to make them do that, let us support FF1 and FF2 first by getting the games from the Apps store. I’ve included the download link here. FF1 iTunes Link and  FF2 iTunes Link. Have fun!

Screen shot 2010 02 26 at 6.08.10 AM Final Fantasy Games Arrive on the Apps Store!

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Google to Force Users to Stop Using IE6

Screen shot 2010 02 24 at 5.33.23 AM 490x268 Google to Force Users to Stop Using IE6

If Microsoft could not make Internet Explorer 6  users to upgrade to IE8 Google might actually succeed in doing so. And what could be a better way of forcing users to let go of the old IE6 web browser? – By disabling YouTube support. But Google is not doing this to make IE6 users upgrade to IE8 but rather to a more advance browser which could either be Google’s own Chrome browser, IE8, Opera Mini 10, Safari 4 and Firefox 3.6.

So if you’re still using IE6 and try to visit YouTube, you will see a message prompting you that you are using an older browser and that while you may still enjoy watching videos, after March 13, YouTube will stop supporting it. And unless you upgrade to newer browsers you will no longer enjoy new features that will be introduced after the said date. The message will appear for three weeks until you upgrade to a newer browser.

Interestingly, while Microsoft is not really that active and pretty succesful in convincing IE users to upgrade to the latest version, Google’s strategy might actually work. I’m pretty sure majority of these IE6 users will not want to miss out on the good things that YouTube is about to offer in the future.

Another interesting point here, which I think Microsoft should be thankful for is the fact that Google is forcing users to abandon IE6, it is still suggesting IE8 as an alternative browser.

Let’s see whether this strategy will gain Google more users for its Chrome browser  and whether users will finally stop using IE6.

Google Voice Explained in a Series of YouTube Videos

Google Voice is one of the most important products that Google put a lot of stake on. Hence, we really couldn’t blame them for going out of the way to make this endeavor a success. But apparently, Google Voice doesn’t s seem to be getting the mileage, or perhaps usage that it wants to have.

What could be the reason for this? Google thinks that their service is overwhelming for its many users. So, to remedy this and perhaps to spike up interest towards it, Google has prepared a series of videos explaining, demonstrating and exploring the said communication service.

In case you’re  like me who have never experienced using Google Voice and is wondering what it does and how it can make your communication life better, I suggest you check out all the videos. But if you’re don’t have the time and just want to know what Google Voice is – it’s actually a communication service provided by Google with various features ranging from call screening to voicemail transcription to the ability to send and receive SMS by email. What’s good about Google Voice is that it allows you to use one number for all your communication transactions.

The series of videos explaining the service include the following:

  1. Voicemail transcription
  2. One number
  3. Personalized greetings
  4. International calling
  5. SMS to email
  6. Share voicemails
  7. Block callers
  8. Screen callers
  9. Mobile app
  10. Conference calls

And while you’re at it, you might want to subscribe to the Google Voice YouTube channel to be notified of new videos about Google Voice in the coming days.

Find Out Your YouTube Video Speed via the Speed Dashboard

Screen shot 2010 02 12 at 5.15.30 AM 490x211 Find Out Your YouTube Video Speed via the Speed Dashboard

As part of Google’s ongoing effort to make the web faster, YouTube has just introduced its Video Speed Dashboard.  This tool was created to give you an insight into what your YouTube speed looks like compared to the YouTube speed of users in other regions with different ISPs. In short the YouTube dashboard could either tell you that your YouTube video speed is either too fast or too slow, like mine.

In measuring the speed by which you stream YouTube video, the Video Speed Dashboard takes into account  various factors including speed of your Internet connection, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you are using and your distance to the YouTube video servers.

Aside from telling you information about your own video speed, the Dashboard can also list  down the YouTube speeds of users in your neighborhood who have different ISPs as the one you are using. That way you can decided whether you should ditch your current ISP in favor of your neighbors’ ISPs.  No, I’m just kidding. Or perhaps I may be true.

Incidentally, the YouTube Video Speed Dashboard measures video speed based on the speed at which YouTube video is received by the browser. The Dashboard then averages this over the previous 30 days you’ve used the same browser during the same period.

So, how fast is your YouTube Video Speed? You may check it out from YouTube Video Speed Dashboard. Hope it’s not as pathetic as my ISP’s 256kbps speed.