Adobe to Stop Development of Flash for Mobile

flash 300x300 Adobe to Stop Development of Flash for MobileAdobe will not be supporting Flash for mobile anymore.

This was inadvertently revealed through a memo sent to analysts. The memo was acquired by ZDNet. In the memo, Adobe mentioned that development of Flash for mobile browsers will be effectively stopped and all efforts will be refocused on developing for HTML 5. The rumor became an actual reality when Adobe officially announced that it will indeed stop development of Flash for mobile devices saying that moving forward, HTML 5 is the best solution for “creating and deploying content” across different mobile platforms. [Read more...]

Adobe Flash 11 and its future

flash Adobe Flash 11 and its futureIn a few weeks Adobe will be releasing both the Adobe Flash Player 11 and Adobe Air to the market. Adobe has been advertising the new products as being significantly more powerful than previous versions, even going so far as describing it as a game console for the web. Adobe claims that the increase in graphics is almost 1,000 times faster than the previous version of Flash Player and Adobe Air.

But Adobe, as any tech savvy person knows, is also caught in a fight for its survival. Even though Flash Player and Adobe Air are quite commonly installed in PCs, Apple has removed Flash from the iOS platform and also on Macs. And another sign that does not bode well for Adobe is the recent announcement by Microsoft that the new version of Internet Explorer that will be included with the forthcoming Windows 8 Metro environment will not be supporting browser plugins – the entry point for Flash in a browser.

With slowly shrinking support and the threat being posed by HTML 5, will Adobe’s Flash still have a future especially in a post-PC age?
If Adobe will be asked, the company thinks that Flash still has a bright future for it. It has already called Flash Player 11 and also Air 3 the “next generation for the web”. This is quite a lofty claim. [Read more...]

Google Wave Now in Google Labs, No Need for Invites to Use It

Six months after unveiling Google Wave in by-invitation-only beta, Google has finally put this service into Google Labs. This means that you don’t need to search or wait for invites anymore. You can just visit and start using this collaboration and communication tool.

According to Google, the latest version of Google Wave in Labs is faster, more stable and much more easier to use. Google has done many improvements to the service for the past six months. These include – email notifications when a wave has changed, easy navigation to unread parts of a wave, and a facility for removing participants which you’ve added by mistake.  In addition, Google has also added permission management options and an extensions gallery to Google Wave.

For Google Apps administrator, Google has also activated Wave. So, you can now easily enable it for all your users.

For developers, Google has also launched several improvements to the Wave APIs and has open-sourced additional components for building customized Wave services.

And in case you have no idea how to use Google Wave for your own collaboration and communication work, here are examples that you might want to emulate:

Business: Co-workers at companies large and small are using Wave, from writing software code at Lyn and Line and coordinating ad campaigns at Clear Channel Radio, to international project communications for Deloitte’s As One project.

Education: University students and professors worldwide have used waves within and beyond the classroom to collaborate on Latin poetry translations, write academic research papers and even build new functionality with Wave’s APIs. An ICT teacher also enjoyed having her 5th-graders do their class research in Wave.

Creative collaboration: From virtual art classes to writing the Complete Guide to Google Wave itself, waves make it easier for groups to review and critique multimedia content like images and videos. (We’ve heard that Wave is fun for gaming, too.)

Organizations and conferences: The Debatewise Global Youth panel explored climate change across 100 countries and waves at eComm (Emerging Communication Conference),LCA 2010 conference and HASTAC 2010 helped track speaking sessions. We are using waves in the same manner at today’s Google I/O conference.

Journalism: Mashable used Wave to interview journalists on the future of journalism, and The Seattle Times experimented with a public Wave to develop their Pulitzer Prize-winning news coverage.

Faster Google Chrome Beta Release Gives You New Reasons to Ditch IE Anew

How does web page loading speed of 2700 frames-per-second sound to you? If you don’t think its fast enough, I don’t know what else is.  That’s actually the speed that  the new Google Chrome Beta Release promises to give. And while the Google Chrome folks are still busy preparing the results of their speed test you might want to start downloading the new release now, either for your Linux, Windows or Mac machines.

And to encourage you some more, the Official Chrome blog tells us:

Today’s new beta release incorporates one of Chrome’s most significant speed and performance increases to date, with 30% and 35% improvement on the V8 and SunSpiderbenchmarks over the previous beta channel release. In fact, looking back in time, Chrome’s performance has improved by as much as 213% and 305% on these two benchmarks since our very first beta.

If browser speed is not really a big thing for you, Google Chrome Beta’s new features might entice you to get the browser. This new release offers not only bookmark synching capability also browser preferences such as themes, homepage and startup settings, web content settings and language. This means that you don’t have to do all those stuff again in all your installation of Google Chrome on various machines.

For current Chrome users, if you loved Chrome extensions and Incognito mode, well you can now use extensions while in the said browser mode.

Other new features of the new Google Chrome Beta release include geolocation APIs, App Cache, web sockets and file drag-and-drop capabilities.  Chrome also welcomes Adobe Flash Player plug-in into the fold – allowing you to browse rich, dynamic websites.

If you haven’t switched to Google Chrome yet or if you’re still using IE, now is the best time to join the world. Grab the new Chrome Beta Release now.

Lunchwalla Checks-In at Foursquare Not Gowalla

MOD 595230 FoursquareIntegration 490x410 Lunchwalla Checks In at Foursquare Not Gowalla

For awhile I thought Lunchwalla which we featured not so long ago was related to Gowalla. So, It was quite surprising to know that the site which lets you organize everyday social events like breakfast, lunch, dinner, movies and more has integrated with Foursquare. So this means that aside from voting in on what to do, you can now check-in when you get to the events you helped organized.

If you’re a regular Foursquare user and have also used Lunchwalla before, this integration would complement each other now. Meaning, all the check-ins you make on the events you organized or helped organized through Lunchwalla will be counted to your quest for mayorship of the place where the event was held. This is in addition to the fact that your check-in appears on your Foursquare profile which you can also display as an update to your Facebook profile. It’s like hitting three social networking sites with one check-in.

Best of all, if you’ve got hooked into Lunchwalla since we’ve featured it on this blog, you must be earning Lunchwalla points right now.  Of course, you still remember that those Lunchwalla points can earn you some schwags from participating merchants, right?

And while we’re at it, the Foursquare – Lunchwalla integration also lets you import your Foursquare friends into your Lunchwalla contacts list. So, planning events and coordinating them with your friends is now easier.

Incidentally, Lunchwalla is holding a gig right now which might earn you free tickets to see Iron Man 2. So, if you haven’t checked Lunchwalla yet, this gig might entice you to start using Lunchwalla.

Opera Mini Gets More Downloads from iPhone Owners in March

Screen shot 2010 04 28 at 6.49.20 PM 490x224 Opera Mini Gets More Downloads from iPhone Owners in March

Opera’s latest State of the Mobile Web Report is showing some pretty interesting results for iPhone usage and global mobile handset trends. According to the report, the iPhone is now the third most used handset used by Opera Mini users worldwide. Even more interesting is the fact that the other top 20 mobile phones are either Nokia or Sony Ericsson phones.

The report also highlighted the fact that the iPhone is the number one device used by Opera Mini users in the United States. displacing the BlackBerry.  In addition, of the 10 countries using the Opera Mini, the United States and United Kingdom tops the countries where the iPhone is the most used device by Opera Mini users. This is pretty significant since Opera Mini for iPhone was only made available last month.

Going now to the global mobile statistics presented by Opera, in March 2010, Opera Mini had more than 55.2 million users, wherein 25.8 billion pages where viewed increasing page views by 17.4%. Opera Mini has also generated more than 396 million MB of data for oeprators worldwide. And the top countries for Opera Mini usage in 2010 include – Russia, Indonesia, India, China, Ukraine, South Africa, Nigeria, Vietnam, United Kingdom and the U.S.

Some pretty impressive stats for Opera Mini, right? Have you downloaded the latest version of Opera Mini on your mobile phone?  What is your phone’s mobile web browser if not Opera Mini?

Place Pages for Google Maps Now on Your Mobile Phone Too

Sometime last year, Google introduced a feature in Google Maps called Place Pages which display relevant information about  places in Google Maps.  These Place Pages cover detailed information about businesses, points of interest, transit stations, neighborhoods, landmarks and cities all over the world. Now, those Place Pages are now optimized for mobile phones.

Place Pages for Mobile offer the same detailed information about different places you see on Google Maps, whenever available.  But this time, the display tab is optimized for mobile phone’s smaller screen estate.

The mobile service would be more useful if you’re out somewhere and you want to search for speficic information about a particular place – its exact location, customer ratings, opening hours as well as reviews from people who have gone to the said place. This will save you time and the trouble of checking out a place without knowing what you might encounter there.

Place Pages also gives you links to useful websites as well as a full screen dynamic map that you can pan and zoom, giving you a clearer picture of a place’s exact location.

Place Pages is currently optimized for Android phones and iPhones/iPod Touches in the U.S.

Who Says Foursquare Has No Business Potential?

Screen shot 2010 04 23 at 5.21.43 AM 490x253 Who Says Foursquare Has No Business Potential?

Don’t look now folks, but pretty soon,  your favorite restaurants and other business establishments might soon be offering various discounts, freebies and other promotional gigs in cooperation with Foursquare. Yes Foursquare, you it right?  This is because Foursquare has just launched a business strategy that encourages establishment owners to use its service to engage mobile customers with specials and give them the ability to track how their venues is performing over time – through venue analytics.

Foursquare Business provides simple self-service tools that would allow you, as a business manager, to cook up with various kinds of special gigs that would attract customers to your business establishments. Specifically Foursquare Business will let you created the following specials:

  • Mayor specials can be unlocked only by the Mayor of your venue (the user who has checked in the most in the last 60 days).
  • Count-based specials are unlocked when a user checks in a certain number of times.
  • Frequency-based specials are unlocked every so many check-ins.
  • Wildcard specials are always unlocked, but your staff has to verify some extra conditions before awarding the special.

What’s cool about this is that Foursquare has mobile apps in three major mobile platforms – Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. And Foursquare can use this mobile apps to send notices to potential customers nearby to possibly invite them to check out your Foursquare promotional gigs.

To use Foursquare’s business tools, all you need to do is claim your venue. Once you’ve done that you can have access to various Foursquare venue analytics tools that will let you view:

  • most recent visitors
  • most frequent visitors
  • the times of day people check in
  • total number of unique visitors
  • a histogram of check-ins per day

So, what are you waiting for? Get into Foursquare and claim your venue now before somebody else takes it.

Google Intros New Versions of Docs, Spreadsheets and Drawings

Google is surely prepping up its online collaboration tools to become a formidable force in the cloud computing space.  Gradually being rolled out today are new versions of its Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Drawings online collaboration tools.

According to Google, the new versions of  these tools were completely rebuilt to give more flexibility, improved performance and better platform to allow them to develop more features quickly.

So new for Google Docs is a more responsive, real-time editing experience. The same features that Google Spreadsheets has right now which allows you to see character-by-character changes as you edit your documents. A new sidebar chat was also added to let you discuss documents with your colleagues as you work on documents. The new Google Docs architecture also brings forth improved document formatting with better import/export fidelity, revamped comment system, real margins and tab stops and improved image layout within documents.

Google has also enhanced its Spreadsheets tool with speed and performance boosts. It also now features formula for cell editing, auto-complete, drag and drop columns and simpler navigation between sheets.

Finally, Google is also rolling out a new standalone drawings editor that allows you to collaborate in real time on flow charts, designs, diagrams and other fun or business graphics. You can copy these stuff using the web clipboard to docs, spreadsheets and presentations or you can also share and publishe your drawings just like any Google docs files.

To try out these features, simply click on “New Version” at the top of any spreadsheet or go to “Document Settings” page and choose “New version of Google documents.”

Google Maps for BlackBerry 4.0 Updated with Google Buzz and Other Cool Features

Screen shot 2010 04 08 at 4.59.59 AM 300x210 Google Maps for BlackBerry 4.0 Updated with Google Buzz and Other Cool FeaturesGoogle has just updated its Google Maps for BlackBerry app to version for. It’s a pretty big update if I may say so with some great features such as Google Buzz on Maps, voice search, location starring and more.  It’s a pretty cool update, especially Google Buzz which I’ve been wanting to check out on my Nexus One phone but still couldn’t make it run.

Let’s go over to these new features of Google Maps 4.0 for BlackBerry. First off we have search by voice.  The new feature lets you do your search by simply speaking out your search term. Just press the green “call” button, speak out and wait for your search results. As easy as that. The app lets you search for name of establishments, addresses or generic search terms. Search by voice support English and Mandarin Chinese.

Next Google Buzz for Mobile – a feature that I’ve been wanting to try in my other smartphones but failed to execute. Google Buzz for mobile on BlackBerry Maps 4.0 app lets you add the Google Buzz layer to see what’s going on around you as well as post to your Google Buzz account. You can share pictures, news and more. You can enable this feature by selecting Layers > Buzz and you’re good to go with your Google Buzz activities.

Another nice feature of  Google Maps for mobile 4.0 for BlackBerry device is personalized search suggestions. What the app does is to utilize your search history to suggest search terms for your new search. You need to enable web history on your Google account to use this feature on Maps for Mobile.

Once you’re signed in to your Google Account, the app will synchronize starred items between your on your computer and on your BlackBerry so much so that you’ll have the same starred locations on both interfaces.

Other new features of Google Maps 4.0 for BlackBerry include – Google Labs’ experimental features and viewing nearby businesses by choosing a point from the map.

To get Google Maps 4.0 for Mobile on your BlackBerry devices, simply point your phone’s browser to