WordPress 1.0 Now Available for BlackBerry

The mobile version of WordPress seems to be having a tour across smartphone platforms right now.  Or is it perhaps because of the resounding fact that the future of blogging is mobile?  Anyway, after appearing on the Android market for all Android phone users and mobile bloggers to use, WordPress 1.0 is now also available for BlackBerry devices. And like the Android version, the BlackBerry version is equally robust and quite good if not better.

WordPress for BlackBerry has been in beta for quite some time now and after getting subjected to the scrutiny of selected beta testers, Automattic finally decided to take the app out of beta mode and release the final version of WordPress 1.0 for this smartphone.

So, what’s in store for all of you BlackBerry users who blog on your WordPress installation using your smartphone? The app lets you write posts, upload photos and videos, edit pages and manage comments on your blogs.  It supports both self-hosted blogs as well as WordPress.com blogs.

Aside from the usual mobile blogging features of other WordPress mobile app, this one for the BlackBerry also features:


  • overall enhancements to the speed and stability of the app
  • streamlined UI and functionality relating to comment moderation
  • support for HD video service VideoPress
  • ability to record and upload videos from your phone

Since I don’t have a BlackBerry yet, I can’t test how good this app is. I really wish I could compare it with the Android version. Perhaps next week, after I got my BlackBerry Bold 9700. But the app must be so great that Darnell mentioned something like this app putting the iPhone version into shame. Now I’m intrigued.

WordPress 1.0 for Android Released

Automattic just added a new application to the many available WordPress versions. This time the target are mobile bloggers using Android Phones. The new WordPress 1.0 app for Android has just been released and one thing I can say is that – this app is definitely a good one.

I don’t know if I’m just really excited to use the app on my new Nexus One although I’ve already installed a similar app called wpToGo. But having a mobile version of a WordPress from the official developer is certainly different.

Anyway if you’ve used wpToGo for Android before, WordPress 1.0 is almost the same since it was used as the foundation for this app. In fact, wpToGo will now be discontinued because all the development efforts will now be focused on WordPress 1.0 for Android.

So, if you haven’t used any mobile version on WordPress, now maybe the right time to try one out. If you’ve got any Android device download the app and enjoy these key features:

  • Configure and manage multiple blogs
  • Comment moderation including the ability to reply to comments
  • Create and Edit Posts including categories, tags and photos
  • Create and Edit Pages
  • Get notified of new comments in the Android notification bar

I’ve just installed the app on my Nexus One and it’s pretty cool. Setting up multiple blog accounts is a breeze. Likewise posting new blog post is also fast. My only gripe is that the app does not allow you to publish post quickly. You need to save it first to local draft before you can push it to your blog. But it’s just a minor issue and does not really affect the app’s usability.


Gravity Forms: Contact Forms on Steroids

Gravity Forms is truly the most revolutionary plugin on WordPress IMO. It does multiple things that I wish WordPress Core had built in. Form Management to create a user generated content site, to customer relationship management, to a user generated job board. The possiblities are ENDLESS.

 Gravity Forms: Contact Forms on Steroids

RocketGenius recently released their 1.2 Version of Gravity Forms

We are happy to release Gravity Forms v1.2! This is an exciting release that adds some new, exciting and very powerful features to the mix. Developers will love the data integration capabilities and novice users will love the new features that makes managing forms even more powerful.

I’m a big WordPress nut and this is truly one of the most exciting developments to hit WordPress imo since the creation of the Thesis Theme for WordPress. On the outside and inside this looks like a solid product that you could build some solid sites on.

Review: Contextual Partnership Plugin

The Contextual Partnership Plugin For WordPress Provides Free Advertising To Help Promote Your Blog & Get You Noticed…

If you’re looking for an effective solution to help get your blog noticed then the Contextual Partnership Plugin for WordPress bloggers could be well worth consideration. Perhaps the most attractive aspect is that there is no cost involved.

According to the developers the plugin is designed to;

    Drive more targeted visitors to your blog (or blogs) by strategically linking your blog to and from other bloggers participating in the network. The exact method used to achieve this remains confidential but apparently it’s not a basic reciprocal link exchange – nor the more common 3 way linking arrangement often seen between bloggers. [Read more...]

bbPress 1.0 Interview

bbpress bbPress 1.0 InterviewWant to add a forum to your WordPress-powered blog, without the hassles of double logins or heterogenous interfaces? Never fear, bbPress 1.0 is here! The forum software from Automattic, the company behind WordPress, finally comes out of beta. New features include single sign-on for WordPress 2.7 up, and an administration interface similar to that of WordPress.

For the technically inclined, Automattic’s Sam Bauers tells us more about their latest baby in the following three-part video interview. Download, install, and let the flamewars spread seamlessly from your comments to your forum. [Read more...]

MySpace, Flock and Vidoop to Develop OpenID Identity for browser

MySpace, Flock and Vidoop have developed OpenID for Flock, an implementation of the broader Identity in Browser (IDIB) open source project. OpenID for Flock offers the most comprehensive discovery and management capabilities for OpenID currently available. Internet users can now not only store their existing identity credentials within their browser, but also reap the benefits of better discovery when OpenIDs are made available by the sites they are visiting. OpenID for Flock is now available to all Flock 2.0 users as an alpha extension available for download.

With OpenID for Flock, the process of discovering, configuring and using OpenIDs that allow the user to log onto website accounts and manage their identity is streamlined. Once a relationship is established between OpenIDs and the sites that can rely on them for authentication, an easy, seamless experience is created for users that frequently travel to multiple destinations across the Internet.

MySpace, Flock and Vidoop jointly developed OpenID for Flock because the browser is the common application used by everyone to make the connection between both OpenID providers and sites that support login using the OpenID standard. Vidoop was the catalyst behind the original Identity In Browser (IDIB) project. The collaboration started in October 2008 when Vidoop Labs produced a fledgling prototype of IDIB, shared the code with the community, and blogged about the need for online identity to be solved at the browser level. MySpace became involved because of their commitment to OpenID via the company’s Data Availability Platform and Flock contributed their browser expertise based on their commitment to OpenID and furthering usability.

Trulia.com and Placecast partner to increase relevance of ads

As advertisers and publishers seek ways to improve performance to compensate for shrinking budgets, new technologies like location-based advertising provide a means of improving relevance and response rates. Real estate site Trulia.com, and media company 1020 Placecast, have announced their partnership, using location information to target specific audiences for advertisers and deliver more relevant messages to them on Trulia.com.

Placecast adds a new dimension to audience targeting by using location information as the key to relevance. In Trulia’s case, the starting points are the real estate locations in which users express interest. Placecast’s proprietary targeting algorithms correlate these with dozens of other demographic, psychographic and geographic data points.

For publishers in categories such as travel, events, tickets, real estate, weather, classifieds and career search, Placecast uses the location information already present on these sites to target audiences and customize messaging. Improved performance results in a dramatic increase in the value of ad inventory for advertisers, transforming remnant ad space into premium CPM real estate for publishers.

One of the first advertisers to take advantage of this approach with Placecast and Trulia is Avis-Budget. Approximately halfway through a three-month campaign, Avis has seen its ads on Trulia perform strongly relative to other publishers. The Avis-Budget campaign is just the first of many in the expanded partnership between Trulia and Placecast.

NBA team launches social network with KickApps

KickApps announced that the New Orleans Hornets have launched a social network for fans of the team powered by KickApps. The website is a destination for the supporters to gather online with other fans to share their passion for the Hornets and NBA basketball, create, share and discover fan submitted photos, videos and blogs, and interact exclusively with official club content.

Using social media, the Hornets capitalize on an opportunity to increase their connection with fans by extending the Hornets experience beyond the basketball court. The new website features its own social network with video and photo sharing functionality, forums, and the ability for members to take video and photos from the site to other social networks, blogs and websites using Hornets branded video and photo widgets.

To tip-off participation and activity on the site, the Hornets are holding a competition for fans to name the social network. Fans simply join the network and leave a comment with their proposed name and why they chose it. Additionally, the team has uploaded behind the scenes videos of the Honeybee cheerleaders and press conferences, with additional unique programming planned.

The New Orleans Hornets joins the Phoenix Suns’ Emmy Award winning PlanetOrange.net, New York Knicks, Phoenix Mercury, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, New York Rangers and Arena Football League, as teams that have embraced the KickApps Platform.

Userplane plug-ins now available to developers for CMS platforms

Userplane, the application provider for online communities, has released its plug-in applications for developers looking for community features for online communities.

Plug-ins for Userplane Webmessenger, Webchat and Webrecorder applications are now available for VBulletin, WordPress, Drupal, Mambo, Joomla and phpFoX. Developers can easily and quickly integrate Userplane plug-in applications into the social networking communities and websites they create with these platforms.

Automattic makes a move to social networking with BuddyPress acquisition

wordpress logo Automattic makes a move to social networking with BuddyPress acquisitionAutomatic, the parent company of popular blogging platform WordPress, has acquired WP plug-in series BuddyPress to mark its ambitious move to social networking and perhaps challenge dominance players like MySpace and Facebook.

BuddyPress is a suite of plugins that will completely transform WordPress MU into a fully functional social network platform. Thanks to its $29.5 million funding raised in January 2008, it has gained some flexibility to explore different areas to sustain its continued growth. WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg explains the rationale for this acquisition:

It’s clear that the future is social. Connections are key. WordPress MU is a platform which has shown itself to be able to operate at Internet-scale and with BuddyPress we can make it friendlier. Someday, perhaps, the world will have a truly Free and Open Source alternative to the walled gardens and open-only-in-API platforms that currently dominate our social landscape.

This is an opportune time to partake in the social networking market for niche sites are expected to boom in the years to come.

via ReadWriteWeb