Top Brands Utilizing Instagram

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Instagram photos are everywhere today. They're posted on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest among others attracting lots of attention from social media users owing to their unique designs. Surely, you've seen them with borders, in collages and sometimes … [Continue reading]

Blog Listing Sites: Another Way to Promote Your Blog


Not many blog owners, particularly the new ones, know about the existence of blog directories. But this is one avenue which need to be fully utilized to promote one's site to the rest of the world. Being a directory, these sites lists blog … [Continue reading]

6 Reasons People Love to Buy Gadgets


You see them all the time, right? Top ten gadgets of the holiday shopping season, or five must-have gadgets that are coming next year? The gadget-related titles and content are all over the internet, and that must mean that people are buying them in … [Continue reading]

How to Use Social Media to Market Your Small Business


Source If you're new to the realm of social media marketing, you know what an overwhelming undertaking it can be. If you look up "social networking websites" on Wikipedia, there are currently 200 listed. And once you wade through that ocean of … [Continue reading]

The Future of Smartphone Applications


The world of technology is a fast-paced monster. As soon as a new application hits the market, it's almost out of date. This may sound kind of discouraging to those who fight tooth and nail to keep up with the latest advances, but it can prove to be … [Continue reading]

Why You Should Consider Responsive Themes


I don't know about you, but you may be getting rather tired of the "responsive" hype. Every where you look, people seem to be talking about responsive design and how web site owners should follow its principles. Source Tiring it may be, there is … [Continue reading]

How Kickstarter Has Changed Nonprofits


If ever you've heard of Kickstarter, you don't need an explanation to cover what the project entails. However, if the phrase is new to you, understanding exactly what it is will help you understand how it's changing nonprofits. Kickstarter is a … [Continue reading]

How Cloud Storage is changing the World


When newer company Intranets started porting their information onto remote servers, we began a process of early cloud computing. The idea is that you should have access to all your important files regardless of the computer you are using. This is … [Continue reading]

The Manliest of iPhone Apps


Being a man can be a tough challenge, but thankfully the developers of iPhone apps have remembered that masculinity can use a helping hand. They've come up with a few apps to help men be the manliest they can be, which makes our lives a little … [Continue reading]

3 Reasons Why You Need SEO for Your Business


Implementing the latest and most effective marketing techniques is crucial for staying ahead of the pack and connecting with consumers. SEO is undoubtedly one of today's most popular strategies because it's useful for businesses in nearly all … [Continue reading]