How to Avoid Letting Redirects Ruin Your Site Redesign

301 redirect WordPress SEO 300x200 How to Avoid Letting Redirects Ruin Your Site Redesign

When redesigning a website or moving it to a new domain, the proper network of redirects is essential. Without redirects, search engines won’t know that pages have moved, which can negatively affect organic search visibility; if a search engine thinks a page has disappeared entirely, it could be purged from the index. Implementing redirects ensures that search engines recognize moved page URLs and send visitors to the right places when they click on links in search results. [Read more...]

The Top 10 Smartphone Apps for Business Owners

300px Group of smartphones The Top 10 Smartphone Apps for Business Owners

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Looking for the right apps for your business can be difficult, especially now that the App Store has over 700,000 apps, while Google Play has 600,000. To make your search easier, here are the top 10 smartphone apps for business owners.


Scan2PDF Mobile

PDFs are incredibly useful; you know that. But what if you were given a hardcopy and not a PDF? No problem. Just run Scan2PDF, scan the document using your smartphone’s camera, and voila—an instant full-colour PDF that you can e-mail. [Read more...]

Onyx Reveals Android Prototype Phone with E Ink Screen

onyx e ink smartphone 500x315 300x300 Onyx Reveals Android Prototype Phone with E Ink ScreenScreens are always a weak point for any smartphone. It is the major component that drains batteries and you have to crank up the brightness levels if you want to see what’s on the screen under direct sunlight.

Onyx International is hoping that their solution may be able to address the issue of smartphone screens by developing a smartphone that has an E ink screen. Onyx is actually well known in the field of e ink screens since it manufactures the Boox e-readers. [Read more...]

Top Blogger Smartphone Apps

5324223435 08184240d8 m Top Blogger Smartphone Apps

Because of the seemingly countless mobile apps made for just about anything you can think of, writing blog posts, using social media, and checking website traffic stats for your business outside of desktops and laptops have become possible. Indeed, blogging has now entered the domain of smartphones.

If you’ve never experienced the freedom of blogging anywhere, then it’s time you do. To get you started, here are the top blogging apps that you should get for your smartphone. [Read more...]

Rumor: Nexus 4 to Be Released October 29

lg nexus4 300x260 Rumor: Nexus 4 to Be Released October 29I recently bought a Google Galaxy Nexus and to say that I am impressed is an understatement. It is a cool phone that epitomizes most of the good things that has made the Android operating system the most popular mobile OS in the world.

I am not alone in my assessment of Google’s Nexus program. Their line of smartphones and tablets are getting rave reviews and is considered the benchmark for what a pure Android experience should be. [Read more...]

Google Now Second Most Valuable Tech Company in The World, Edges Microsoft

29578v7 max 450x450 Google Now Second Most Valuable Tech Company in The World, Edges Microsoft

Google’s great management decisions is now bearing fruit as it officially becomes the second most valuable technology company on earth. Google has edged out Microsoft, which used to hold the top position.

After trading closed last Monday, Google finally broke through and topped Microsoft’s total value. According to reports, Google showed a valuation of $249.1 billion. Microsoft, on the other hand, had a valuation of $247.2 billion. Google’s numbers were no fluke either. When trading resumed the following day as Google continued its lead over Microsoft, even though the gap between the two narrowed down a bit. [Read more...]

Google, Asus Reportedly Preparing $100 Nexus Tablet For Christmas

tablet n7 features rowhome frontback 278x300 Google, Asus Reportedly Preparing $100 Nexus Tablet For ChristmasThere are certain rumors that are just worth reporting about.

Rumors are starting to come out of a new Nexus tablet that will be significantly more affordable than the already low-priced Google Nexus 7 tablets. [Read more...]

Google Hasn’t Submitted a Maps App to Apple

27860997 926e66c4bd m Google Hasnt Submitted a Maps App to Apple

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To say that the new Apple Maps that came with the release of iOS 6 is a disappointment is a vast understatement. I can’t remember the last time Apple even released an unmitigated disaster as its Maps service. If you’ve read the complaints (of which there are many online) then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Apple’s misstep has led iOS users to demand the return of Google Maps. Not as a replacement to Apple’s Maps app – because that will never happen – but as a separate app that they can download. There were rumors that Google is already close to releasing the Google Maps app on the App Store. But it looks like this not true. [Read more...]

Google Releases Indoor Mapping Service in The UK

indoor maps 300x266 Google Releases Indoor Mapping Service in The UKGoogle has recently launched a new service in the UK that comes at just the right time. Google’s new indoor mapping service.

The Google indoor mapping service has already been available in certain locations in the US since last November. The new UK service will work on Android devices and will be able to provide users with the floor plans to a number of popular locations in the area, especially those that are seen as tourist spots. The floor plans of major department stores, airports and train stations will also be included. [Read more...]

Google Acquires Quickoffice

quickoffice 225x300 Google Acquires QuickofficeGoogle recently announced its acquisition of Quickoffice, the popular productivity suite available for both iOS and Android devices. The software suite allows users to open and edit Microsoft Office documents, namely MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents from the aforementioned mobile devices. The exact amount involved in the deal has not yet been disclosed.

Google has announced that the acquisition of Quickoffice will help their users “get more done anytime, anywhere.” [Read more...]