Is The Blogging Times “borrowing” content from other websites?

Earlier this week, Duncan chronicled the end of The Blogging Times only to have to recant this a day later when The Blogging Times relaunched with a new blogger and some less interesting posts than before.

Howard Lindzon, an investor in TBT, calls the critics of his approach at TBT ‘putzs’.

But the problems are deeper than what’s just on the surface with the downtrend in post quality – and the attempt to produce news more like ‘Valleywag’ than the substance that was posted when Minic was the editor at TBT….

And that problem is the use of other’s works without credit – and in violation of copyright law.

Here’s an example. In the post earlier this week about the Apple iPhone (this link is broken, by the way, due to a poorly configured wordpress installation over at TBT), Eddie Daroza used this photograph, which looked really familiar to me.

And it should look familiar, because the photograph is really from Engadget in this post – one that I saw for the first time while reading their excellent liveblogging coverage of Jobs’s keynote.

My own feelings on copyright are well known. Crap like this gives everyone in the blogosphere a bad name.

And I expect better from bloggers that choose to cover blogging news. Even a competitor.

Update – 3/3: This isn’t the first time that the new editor of The Blogging Times has been in trouble over using photos without permission.

Vacations are a good thing for bloggers

My last blog post prior to today was exactly two months ago today. Since that time, I’ve not written a thing on any blog.

Why? It was a combination of being slightly burnt out, a large workload of non-blogging projects, and a couple new hobbies. but more than that, it was the recognition of a need to take a break from the day in/day out process of reading blogs, commenting on blogs, creating new stories, managing writers, and securing advertisers.

It’s been a great break.

Taking a break has enabled me not only to relax – and to find myself with more free time than I had previously – it’s given me a chance to put the whole of the blogosphere in perspective. What’s really important? What’s not?

For those of you that have been in the blogging game for a while – I’d encourage you to take a break. Sure, mine was probably longer than what’s really reasonable for someone trying to make a living through blogging – but it’s exactly the thing that I needed to clear my head.