Complaints Leveled Against Kindle Paperwhite’s Screen

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The Kindle Paperwhite was one of the hot announcements Amazon made a few weeks back. But now that it’s already being sold in the market, it’s been getting some criticisms and complaints about its screen.

Based on comments on online forums and at Amazon, users are complaining about the Kindle Paperwhite producing uneven illumination on the screen that is quite noticeable when viewed in certain lighting conditions. [Read more...]

Barnes & Noble to Start Selling Nook E-Readers in The UK

nook1 288x300 Barnes & Noble to Start Selling Nook E Readers in The UKThe UK e-book reader market has been quiet in terms of competition for the simple reason that it is only Amazon that has been aggressively selling its items in the country, which has resulted in the company occupying the top position as the leading e-book reader seller in the UK. This is a big oversight by its competitors, and fortunately, Barnes & Noble has realized that it has overlooked a potentially lucrative market. [Read more...]

Target Pulls out Amazon Kindle From Its Stores

target 225x300 Target Pulls out Amazon Kindle From Its StoresTarget, one of the biggest retailers in the US, has decided to remove the Amazon Kindle from its online stores and final shipments of the league-leading e-reader will also happen by the middle of the month – effectively ending the presence of Amazon in Target stores all across the country.

Target’s decision to remove Amazon’s Kindle reader from its stores is a huge move that has definitely caught the media’s attention. According to various sources it was a conflict of interest that made Target decide to drop the Kindle from its stores. But the official statement of Target says otherwise: [Read more...]

One in Five Americans Have Read an eBook.

ereaders 460x260 One in Five Americans Have Read an eBook.If you’re still adamantly holding the belief that e-books are just a passing fad and that people will eventually go back to reading actual books, then it’s time to rethink that position.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, e-books and e-readers are not just a passing fancy, e-books are gaining traction among consumers. [Read more...]

Amazon Removes 5000 Books From Kindle Store Over Contract Dispute

amazon kindle logo Amazon Removes 5000 Books From Kindle Store Over Contract DisputeAmazon recently removed about 5,000 ebooks from the Kindle store as a result of not being able to forge an agreement with Independent Publishers Group about over a new contract. The 41 year old IPG was founded in Chicago and officially went into the ebook business in 2001. The group is the second largest independent book distributor in the United States.

Amazon began to remove IPG titles from the Kindle Store at the beginning of the week when the two entities could not agree on terms on a new contract. The pullout is only for the ebooks, the printed editions of the same titles are still available at Amazon. [Read more...]

New E Ink Technology Adds Colors to Images

e ink color reader 300x225 New E Ink Technology Adds Colors to ImagesOne of the best reasons why everyone who is into technology and gadgets anticipate the anuual Consumer Electronics Show is the opportunity to get a glimpse of new products and technologies that will drive the market and push new technology trends for the next few years. It’s like looking into a magic crystal ball and seeing what the future will look like.

In the world of e-book readers, the screen technology is the driving force for innovation. The game changer for e-book readers is the e-ink display that mimics the crispness and readability of an actual printed page – but on an electronic screen. [Read more...]

Barnes & Noble Offers Huge Discounts for Nook Devices

barnes and noble nook 300x213 Barnes & Noble Offers Huge Discounts for Nook DevicesBarnes & Noble is intent on bringing its nook devices to a broader market and take the attention away from Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which is enjoying phenomenal sales. The company is doing this by offering discounts for a number of its Nook devices.

For example, buyers of the new Nook Tablet can get a $50 discount if they also buy one year subscription to the electronic edition of People Magazine, which costs $9.99 per monthly issue. With the discount, the Nook Tablet now comes out at the same price as the Kindle Fire, which is $199. [Read more...]

Kyobo eReader Uses Cutting Edge Mirasol Display

kyobo ereader6 sm 300x205 Kyobo eReader Uses Cutting Edge Mirasol Display

Another company has entered the ebook reader market that is slowly getting crowded.

The Kyobo Book Centre from South Korea has released the Kyobo eReader a new eReader that boasts of a 5.7 inch XGA display and a battery life that lasts for weeks. The device runs on a modified version of Android, and of course, is geared towards Korean content.

The Kyobo eReader is generating interest among gadget fans because it is arguably the only eReader that uses a Qualcomm XGA mirasol display. Why is this new display getting a lot of attention?  It’s a new technology that offers very long battery life similar to what E Ink displays consume but instead of gray-scale graphics it produces full color images and has fast response times that will allow for the playback of video content and still be completely readable under direct sunlight. [Read more...]

Amazon, B&N Both Break Street Dates for Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet Sales

Nook Vs. Kindle Amazon, B&N Both Break Street Dates for Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet SalesThe tablet war between Amazon and Barnes & Noble commenced earlier than expected with the both companies breaking their own street dates for their respective products.

Amazon announced that it will be shipping its hotly anticipated Kindle Fire tablet a few days before the original release date. Barnes & Noble, smelling that this could potentially derail their own plans have also announced that it will be releasing their Nook Tablet a couple of days before the original release date of November 18. [Read more...]

Kobo Touch with Ads Will Retail for $99

kobo touch 212x300 Kobo Touch with Ads Will Retail for $99A week ago, we reported on the acquisition of Toronto-based ebook reader company Kobo by online retail giant Rakuten. The acquisition is seen as a beneficial move that will give Kobo the leverage to finally directly compete with the other two giant e-book reader brands being made by and Barnes & Noble.

The competition for your e-book reader money is really going to heat up this holiday season as Kobo joins the fray with its announcement of a more affordable new e-book reader. The new Kobo Touch is going to be sold by the company for only $99. [Read more...]