RIM gets US security clearance for Blackberry 10

18346v1 max 450x450 RIM gets US security clearance for Blackberry 10

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With the launch of Research in Motion’s major operating system update, BlackBerry 10, just a few days away, the company has been releasing many articles that extol their new OS and also giving the media updates about what has been happening with the OS.

One of the newest updates is seen as quite important. According to RIM, BlackBerry 10 smartphones as well as the company’s Enterprise Service 10 management console has received Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 security certification. [Read more...]

RIM Being Eyed by Other Companies as An Acquisition Target

rim logo 300x130 RIM Being Eyed by Other Companies as An Acquisition TargetWith all of the financial troubles Research in Motion is currently swimming in, it is expected that other companies would begin hovering around the troubled company in the hopes that they can get a bargain out of it when they make their acquisition offers. With RIM’s very dismal first quarter earnings for this year, other companies have smelled the vulnerability of RIM. Rumors are now going around about corporate entities that are potentially interested in the company or its parts. [Read more...]

RIM To Release a 4G PlayBook

playbook1 300x264 RIM To Release a 4G PlayBookI love writing news about Research in Motion and the BlackBerry. I’m not really a fan of the company or their product but we all know that RIM has been going through some really tough times lately. Most people think they’re already out for the count but the company keeps chugging along. I admire the company’s tenaciousness and maybe a part of me is hoping they’ll arrive at some kind of formula that would make them bounce back. Okay, not back to the heights that it once enjoyed because that is really asking for a lot, but for it to at least give a good enough fight and still slug it out with Android, iOS and Windows. [Read more...]

RIM To Cut 5,000 Jobs, Shows Poor Fiscal Performance

Research In Motion Limited 300x264 RIM To Cut 5,000 Jobs, Shows Poor Fiscal PerformanceResearch in Motion’s troubles look like it’s not going to ever let up. The BlackBerry maker has released details about its first quarter 2012 financial report and it just shows the extent of the bad situation the company is in right now.

First off, the company posted a loss of $0.37 per share on its total worth of $2.8 billion – a 33 percent drop from the $4.2 billion in revenues it posted in the quarter before it. The net loss RIM suffered was pegged at $518 million just for the quarter. To make a bad situation even worse, the company has announced that it will be cutting 5,000 more jobs as one of its strategies to try and save $1 billion. [Read more...]

RIM to Discontinue 16GB Playbook

blackberry playbook bg 300x264 RIM to Discontinue 16GB PlaybookResearch in Motion doesn’t seem like its getting any kind of break in such a long time. The troubled company, makers of the once enterprise level smartphone of choice BlackBerry, has announced that it will stop making the 16GB BlackBerry Playbook, the company’s entry into the tablet market.

RIM has clarified it will not abandon the tablet market and that it continues to be committed to the 32GB and 64GB models of the BlackBerry Playbook, which will still be available from RIM’s distributors and retailers worldwide. [Read more...]

RIM Announces $10,000 Payout for App Developers

blackberry 300x194 RIM Announces $10,000 Payout for App DevelopersResearch in Motion (RIM) was once quite protective of the Blackberry environment, preferring to develop their own apps for the mobile operating system. But now that the whole company is teetering on the edge of obsolescence, it has realized that help is needed, and fast. Now the company is courting developers to get into the BlackBerry system and it’s going to do it through incentives. [Read more...]

Samsung Now The Leading Smartphone Manufacturer in The World

Smartphones 300x150 Samsung Now The Leading Smartphone Manufacturer in The WorldSamsung is well on its way to totally dominate the global smartphone market. According to a report from three different research companies, Samsung is now the leading smartphone manufacturer in the world. [Read more...]

RIM to release Blackberry 10 Prototype in May Event

blackberry 10 logo RIM to release Blackberry 10 Prototype in May EventResearch in Motion is working overtime to try and regain the ground it lost over the last few months with many corporate clients jumping ship to other smartphones. The company has announced that it will be releasing the newest version of their OS, Blackberry 10. The company plans to release 2,000 prototype phones, which will be given to select developers who will attend the Blackberry 10 Jam conference set for May this year in Orlando, Florida. [Read more...]

Is BlackBerry Dying?

blackberry logo 300x300 Is BlackBerry Dying?We’ve been reporting about the number of corporate clients that BlackBerry has been losing over the last few months, and this has been further confirmed by a study that IT research company InformationWeek recently conducted.

According to this new study, only seven percent of IT administrators are planning to increase their usage of RIM products. The study was conducted among 530 technology processionals. This result is just a grim reminder of what we have been seeing all these months. BlackBerry is dying. [Read more...]

Government Agency To Ditch BlackBerry Devices

Blackberry 300x225 Government Agency To Ditch BlackBerry DevicesThe number of Blackberry users jumping ship at the corporate level is getting more and more significant. Just this week, Halliburton announced that it will be ditching the Blackberry as the preferred communication device in the company in favor of iPhones and iPads. Now the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has announced that it will begin deploying iPhones and iPads to its employees by May, replacing the Blackberry devices that the Agency’s employees used to use.

According to a report by Bloomberg, About 3,000 of the Agency’s 20,000 fulltime workers and contractors use a BlackBerry device. The report failed to mention how many of the workers will be getting the new Apple products. [Read more...]