Can Social Media Posts Be Used as Legal Evidence?

Millions of people are now communicating via the internet today and many are freely expressing their sentiments over a lot of issues whether they’re personal or related to the issues of society.

Sometimes, there are even internet users who go to the point of bashing others and making accusations not minding that what they write online is read by a lot of people and can spread rapidly on the web. What’s worse is they are not aware that they can be held liable for what they post online.

Facebook usage 460x227 Can Social Media Posts Be Used as Legal Evidence?

As communication and social networking have gone digital these days, the legal professionals and law enforcement agencies have also taken into consideration the use of digital files as evidences. In 2013, law enforcers in the U.S. were able to track and solve numerous crimes using social media. [Read more...]

Top Brands Utilizing Instagram

Instagram photos are everywhere today. They’re posted on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest among others attracting lots of attention from social media users owing to their unique designs. Surely, you’ve seen them with borders, in collages and sometimes with text thanks to the filters and editing tools in the app.

Since its launch more than three years ago, Instagram has gained more than 100 million active monthly users. And apart from the private individuals using the app these days, brands have also recognized this popular networking site’s importance. In fact, 67 percent of top brands are now using Instagram to reach their target market on a global basis.

Owing to its global reach, businesses admit that this famous photo sharing site is worth using in an effort to raise awareness of their brand. The great news is that in addition to images, users can now post videos and send direct messages similar to Twitter’s functionality. These messages can then be shared with individuals and even groups with up to 15 members. [Read more...]

How to Use Social Media to Market Your Small Business

socialmedia 460x161 How to Use Social Media to Market Your Small Business

If you’re new to the realm of social media marketing, you know what an overwhelming undertaking it can be. If you look up “social networking websites” on Wikipedia, there are currently 200 listed. And once you wade through that ocean of options and decide where to direct your efforts, the fun doesn’t stop there. Read on for some tips on how to maximize your small business social media marketing efforts. [Read more...]

7 Social Media Tricks to Sell Your House

firstfacebookpropertyapp propertyplace 7 Social Media Tricks to Sell Your House

Remember the era when house hunting involved picking up one of those full-color catalogues that were free at the corner store? Those guides are still fun to flip through, but if you’re selling, you need to be more proactive than that.

You depend on social media to post pictures, keep up to date with friends, and find jobs, so why not use it to sell your home? It’s the perfect platform.

You can connect with buyers, real estate agents, post enticing photos, and answer any queries the potential buyers might have. However, there is a right way to sell your house on social media. Here are seven tips to get you there. [Read more...]

Video Chat Service ooVoo Now Offers Four-Way Video Chat

17 Video Chat Service ooVoo Now Offers Four Way Video ChatSocial networking services have been popping up all over the place, with most of them presenting their own take on the social networking game. Of course, with so many services out there, features are bound to overlap one another.

One social networking service that’s trying to catch people’s attention is the weirdly named ooVoo. It’s a social video call app that is available for both the Android and iOS operating systems. OoVoo is getting very popular. [Read more...]

Zynga launches social platform “Zynga With Friends”

zynga2 300x175 Zynga launches social platform “Zynga With Friends”Have you ever played any of Zynga’s multiplayer enabled games and had trouble compelling your friends to play with you? Or maybe you’ve been playing Cityville and you want to increase the number of people you interact with? It was relatively difficult to find like-minded players before. Apparently, Zynga also thought so.

Zynga has now addressed the actual social aspects of its games by announcing the creation of Zynga With Friends, a social lobby where players of Zynga’s many games can meet and play regardless of the social network they’re using or the platform on which they play. [Read more...]

Zynga releases Draw Something in Different Languages Despite Dropping Stock Prices

zynga1 300x175 Zynga releases Draw Something in Different Languages Despite Dropping Stock PricesZynga has decided to up the ante on its hit social multiplayer game Draw Something. The company has released the game in 12 different languages, which includes Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and both simplified and traditional Chinese. Most of the new versions offer user interfaces that have already been translated to the supported language along with the accompanying dictionaries to truly enhance the gaming experience with the preferred language. [Read more...]

Viddy Gets Major Update

viddy Viddy Gets Major UpdateViddy is quietly but also surely dominating the social video segment of the market with its easy to use app. It is on its way to becoming the Instagram equivalent for videos. Alongside its growing number of endorsers and influx of investor money, Viddy recently announced a major new update for the Viddy app.

The new update features a lot of new changes and additions to Viddy. One of the new features is an option to choose the thumbnail cover art for the videos you’ve captured. This makes the video thumbnail more beautiful to look, providing the thumbnails with an Instagram-like look because of your chosen image in place of the dull first frame of the video (which was the default thumbnail before). [Read more...]

FourSquare to Stop Using Google Maps

foursquare 300x145 FourSquare to Stop Using Google MapsAmong location based social networks, Foursquare is arguably the most popular so a move like what it did at the Mobile World Congress will surely be noticed and talked about.

In the said event, Foursquare not only announced that it will start using predictive technology to offer suggestions to its Foursquare members but that it will also explore new corporate partnerships as it tries to strengthen its hold on the location market. One of these new partnerships was announced in the event. FourSquare announced that it will stop using Google Maps and will instead start using OpenStreetMaps. [Read more...]

InstaBG Spruces Up Your Twitter Background

instabg 3001 InstaBG Spruces Up Your Twitter BackgroundOne sign of a service’s popularity is the proliferation apps related to that service. Take for example Twitter. The microblogging social service is so hugely popular that many companies have developed their own apps that will allow users to access their own Twitter accounts and read others.

But even if Twitter apps for mobile devices are very convenient to use, the whole user experience is still quite different from using Twitter in its original environment – your browser. One of the best reasons to use Twitter using your browser is the personalization you can apply to your Twitter page. If mobile devices have apps for accessing Twitter. The desktop PC also has online services that allow the user to personalize his Twitter page. [Read more...]