Facebook for Android Now has In-App SMS Feature

300px Android robot.svg Facebook for Android Now has In App SMS Feature

Facebook is finally paying attention to its mobile apps. A few weeks back they finally released a new Facebook app for the iPad that actually works. Now the attention has been focused on the Android version of the Facebook app, which receives a number of new features.

The new version of the Android Facebook app now has a new in-app texting feature. The new feature uses the Facebook Messenger app and allows users to text their friends from the app itself. Users can send and receive SMS messages Facebook messages and emails using the @facebook.com address that Facebook provided to all of its users several months ago. [Read more...]

The iOS Facebook App 5.0 is Now Faster

facebook2 300x218 The iOS Facebook App 5.0 is Now FasterThe Facebook app for iOS has been used begrudglingly by Facebook users for two reasons. It’s a completely free app (other apps that access Facebook are paid apps or ad-supported), and it’s the official app of Facebook. Unfortunately, the Facebook app is largely considered a broken app. It takes a long time for things to appear on the display – not just the photos but sometimes even the text. Scrolling through the news feed is also molasses slow. [Read more...]

Facebook Releases its own App Center

facebook ad center 300x257 Facebook Releases its own App CenterFacebook has announced that it is putting up an App Center that will be accessed first in the United States. The people behind Facebook are hoping that the new App Center will encourage people to look at the current applications available in the center and also be informed of new apps.

The new App Center has been designed to help push users to install more applications. The apps in the Center will also list down which of the user’s friends have installed it on their Facebook page or on their mobile device. [Read more...]

Facebook releases Facebook Camera App; No, This is Not Instagram

FACEBOOK CAMERA 300x225 Facebook releases Facebook Camera App; No, This is Not InstagramA few weeks ago, Facebook made waves when it announced that it has bought the hugely popular photo taking app Instagram for $1 billion. According to the press statement, Instagram will be developed independent of Facebook. With Facebook recently announcing its own photo taking feature that promise may have been kept but it also creates a lot of questions about the future of both Facebook and Instagram.

The new Facebook Camera is a new app that the leading social networking company will be releasing on the iTunes App Store. [Read more...]

Facebook Testing Facebook Highlight in NZ, Other Markets

facebook 300x185 Facebook Testing Facebook Highlight in NZ, Other MarketsSocial network giant Facebook is currently testing a new scheme that where you pay to have your status update promoted. With the new system you pay Facebook a small fee to have a status update you’ve chosen appear on Facebook more prominently.

The pay to promote system is already being tested in New Zealand although some people have claimed that it is also running concurrently in a few other countries. At this point, Facebook has not released any statements on whether it plans to expand it to its other markets or even to continue with this new payment system. [Read more...]

Facebook Updates Messenger App with New Notification Feature

messenger 300x215 Facebook Updates Messenger App with New Notification FeatureFacebook has recently released a series of updates to its standalone Facebook Messenger application for both the iOS and Android operating systems. One of the most notable new feature in the updates is a notification that informs a user if a friend has viewed a message the user sent and at what time it was viewed. The same feature will also appear in the group chat function. This is particularly helpful in this application since friends usually set up meetings and get togethers while chatting on Facebook. This way, everyone will know a message was read by all of the friends in the chat.   [Read more...]

Google Gets Popularity Crown, Beating Apple, Facebook and Twitter

google1 Google Gets Popularity Crown, Beating Apple, Facebook and TwitterThere are times when you take survey results with a grain of salt – and for some, this new survey may be one instance you need to do it.

According to a survey conducted by ABC/Washington Post, Google is the most popular company compared to such heavyweights like Apple, Facebook, and Twitter. To make it more eyebrow raising, the poll was conducted during the period when people expressed outrage over Google’s new unified privacy policy (from Mar 28 to April 1). [Read more...]

Google, Facebook Crying Foul Over California Bill?

facebook google Google, Facebook Crying Foul Over California Bill?

Despite being bitter enemies, it looks like the search engine giant and the social networking king may have to form a temporary alliance in order to squash a California bill that can hinder both their businesses.

Web giants Facebook, Google, Twitter and Skype have banded together to oppose an online social networking privacy bill in California that would require users’ permission to display personal information such as home addresses and phone numbers. [...]

The bill would also allow parents to request any personal identifying information about their children under the age of 18 be removed within 48 hours of asking. Violations of the bill would result in fines of up to $10,000 for each violation. (Washington Post)

While the bill seems like a great idea in theory, it would probably not help parents govern the digital lives of their kids (who would respond by simply lying about their age in order to avoid having their posts removed).

Even though I can not speak from personal experience, many of my friends who are parents with kids on Facebook, Google, etc. already have the ability to remove their children’s content due to the fact that they know their kids password (which they use as a prerequisite in order to use the internet).

Although the California government has good intentions, they should let the parents be parents in the lives of their kids, instead of trying to force companies to bend over backwards when simpler solutions are available.

Image via Sluggin.com

Facebook, Bing! Making Social Search A Reality?

facebookbingsearch e1298592705617 490x173 Facebook, Bing! Making Social Search A Reality?

Instead of mimicking Google’s insta-search (which would probably be a huge engineering challenge in of itself), Microsoft has decided to “out Google” Google by leverage the one asset the search giant has been unable to obtain.

A few months ago, we announced an exciting partnership with Facebook to make search more social. As part of that work, we introduced Liked Results, which promotes links your friends have publicly liked or shared via Facebook. Today we are extending Liked Results to annotate any of the URLs returned by our algorithmic search results to all users in the US.

If your friends have publicly liked or shared any of the algorithmic search results shown on Bing, we will now surface them right below the result. (Bing! Community Blog)

Combined with the partnership with Twitter, Bing! is as close to a social search engine as we will probably see in the next few years (provided Facebook doesn’t launch their own competing engine).

Unfortunately once again this is only available for American users, although hopefully the company will consider expanding this feature to the rest of the planet as Facebook’s user base extends beyond the shores of the US.

While their rival Google can rely upon its superior resources (not to mention tapping into Twitter as well), the search giant’s lack of a decent social graph could prove to be a major hurdle down the road as users rely more upon social friends than sophisticated machines to filter their search queries.

(hat tip: Mashable)

Google Docs Killer? Microsoft Office Teams Up With Facebook

office2003icon 490x402 Google Docs Killer? Microsoft Office Teams Up With Facebook

With Facebook unveiling their new social inbox, it looks like Google’s ancient nemesis is partnering with the social king in order to help make its online office suite a little bit more relevant.

Facebook’s new messaging platform integrates the Office Web Apps to enable Facebook users to view Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with just one click. As you know, Office helps you create stunning documents that bring your ideas to life. Now you can easily share those ideas with your friends and family on Facebook.  I’m really excited about being able to make it even easier for people to use Office to access and share information across different devices, networks and platforms. With the Office Web Apps on Facebook, you have even more ways to express yourself with Office and easily share your thoughts with people that are important to you.

So go ahead! Create a personalized invitation to your dinner party next Saturday with Word or share that killer PowerPoint presentation you delivered for your school project. Let your ideas run free and inspire you to create something unique and share it on Facebook using Office. (The Microsoft Office Blog)

Although Microsoft’s Office web app has a long ways to go before it will convince users to ditch Google Docs en mass, the partnership with Facebook could help users unfamiliar with office web apps choose Microsoft over Google.

Microsoft Office live is also currently offering users 25 GB’s of free storage in an attempt to woe current users away from Google docs (the latter who offers users 1 GB of storage, with 20 GB available for $5/year).

The Facebook integration thus far isn’t very intuitive (which doesn’t exactly surprise me).

However if Microsoft can find a way to make it easier to share as well as allow users to edit documents from within Facebook, Office live could easily challenge Google Docs, as well as help both companies take down a common foe.