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Web playgrounds of the very young

In 2007, housing and dollar crumbled, but oil and Web 2.0 soared

New app helps publishers track content across Web

Get real: People will want to connect in 2008

Should web giants let startups use the information they have about you?

Tips for small-business owners making New Year’s resolutions

Google in search to sell its advertising to newspapers

Start-up whiz takes on new challenge

What is a web site?

A British Judge, in the trial of three men accused of inciting terrorism through the Internet, admitted that he “was struggling to cope with the basic terms like “web site.” Here’s a quote from the Reuters report:

“Judge Peter Openshaw broke into the questioning of a witness about a Web forum used by alleged Islamist radicals. “The trouble is I don’t understand the language. I don’t really understand what a Web site is”. he told a London court during the trial of three men charged under anti-terrorism laws. Prosecutor Mark Ellison briefly set aside his questioning to explain the terms “Web site” and “forum.” An exchange followed in which the 59-year-old judge acknowledged: “I haven’t quite grasped the concepts.”

CBS News buys Wallstrip

wallstrip CBS News buys WallstripWallstrip, the web show with a pop culture take on the stock market, have been bought by CBS News according to Jossip. The blog claims that the price tag where around $5 million, which should boost the wallets of investors Fred Wilson and Howard Lindzon I’m sure.

This is interesting of course, since it appears that Wallstrip is making no or little money. TechCrunch’s Duncan Riley (former blogger here at 901am) confirms the story and I’ll add my own belief to his: that CBS is looking for an Amanda Congdon 2.0 in Wallstrip host Lindsay Campbell.

Nothing is said about the deal on the Wallstrip site yet, by the way. Also, the price tag will probably render us a whole bunch of web show so beware of impending video garbage…

Update! It seems that Jossip and TechCrunch have gotten Fred Wilson’s involvement a bit wrong. He hasn’t negotiated any sale whatsoever, according to this blog post, and Union Square Ventures isn’t involved either. Fred is merely a curious angel investor as it were. I’m guessing his wallet isn’t going to be that thick after all, at least not from the Wallstrip sale anyway…

New Media Wire – Mon May 07, 2007

Reopening Pandora’s Music Box
Pandora, one of the best online music recommendation engines out there, recently had to cut off their international users, leaving access only to the US, Canada and the UK. But there are still ways to access Pandora, using proxy servers. Proxies also anonymize your net surfing. Frantic Industries and Digital  shows you how to get Pandora. [via Lifehacker].

Pandora Alternatives
Digital Alchemist also offers some suggestions for listening to Pandora outside the coverage area, and offers some Pandora alternatives. is on the list, but there are rumors of them being bought out by Viacom. This might actually save, since the capital for royalty payments will be available. Of course, the independent radio station always has a mighty struggle, whether over the airwaves or online.

Audio and Video Are Hot
No kidding, I’m stating the obvious. paidContent reports that VideoEgg received US$3.5M and iAmplify received US$6M. Thing is, with such cheap hosting services available, if you have a rich media website idea, get it implemented now, before the new tech bubble bursts like some people are saying (namely me – between 2009-2011).

New Media Wire – Fri May 04, 2007

snap megamu hue wheel New Media Wire   Fri May 04, Music Popularity Graphic
Lee Byron has created some fascinating infographics based on comprehensive user data. He uses algorithms to generate the graphics, then produces posters as tall as 6′ 3″. [via Information Aesthetics] If Viacom buys, they should buy some of these posters for the lobby of their headquarters, hopefully to remind them to keep grassroots.

More Newspaper Layoffs
Editor and Publisher has at least four posts talking about layoffs in the publishing biz. That’s just this week alone.

Public Domain Sounds
Need ringtones for your cell phone or VoIP software? Check out Public Domain Sounds. [via 21Talks] I haven’t listened to any of these, but it seems that you can probably use them for audio or video podcasts as well. They have an interesting presentation and even use a tag cloud to show what categories hold the most samples. If you like what’s there, you can subscribe to any of several RSS feeds.

Time’s Top 100 Influential People
Don’t know how you feel, but there are some scary people in the Leaders & Revolutionaries section of Time’s Top 100 list. Apparently, though, the list is based on public voting, so go figure. But man am I happy that SNL’s Tina Fey is on the list. Intelligence is sexy, and so is that fine-line scar on her cheek. If you want to see a compact list, check Editor and Publisher. Stephen Colbert didn’t make it this year, but there are a few web celebrities on the list. [NOTE: I had this written last night, but Minic beat me to posting with his Time 100 roundup.]

Related post: Borat, Justin, Rosie, 93 others more influential than Bush

Borat, Justin, Rosie, 93 others more influential than Bush

xin 090504040912931306273 Borat, Justin, Rosie, 93 others more influential than BushUS President George W. Bush has been dropped from Time magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people. Sasha Baron Cohen (better known as “Borat“), Justin Timberlake, and Rosie O’Donnell all made it to the list that included 71 men and 29 women from 27 countries.

“I think Bush by this point in his presidency probably has less influence than the position should grant him automatically,” Time’s Deputy Managing Editor Adi Ignatius said in explaining the non-inclusion of Bush.

The list, which is designed to recognize “the men and women whose power, talent or moral example is transforming our world,” does not appear in any order or give the magazine’s reasons why some people were chosen over others.

Chinese blogger and activist Zeng Jinyan made it to the list.

YouTube, eBay lead winners in 11th Webby Awards

The winners of The 11th Annual Webby Awards will be saluted alongside a remarkable slate of special achievement honorees, including rock legend David Bowie, eBay President and CEO Meg Whitman on behalf of the eBay community, and the co-founders of YouTube, at the June 5th gala in New York City, Webby organizers announced.

The Webby Awards winners were revealed in a wide range of categories, including Websites and brand new categories honoring online film and video, interactive advertising, and mobile content.

In addition, over 400,000 votes were cast by people around the world for their favorite sites, videos, and ads in The Webby People’s Voice Awards presented by Verizon. A full list of both Webby Awards and People’s Voice Awards winners can be found at

Exclusive: Inside Project Kokua

Following our coverage yesterday of Jason Calacanis’ Project X, we’ve received some inside information on the Project.

The working name, as now reported at ValleyWag is Kokua, although ValleyWag suggests the final name will me Mahalo.

The Project itself is not Wikipedia meets Google as some reports have suggested, but rather Wikipedia meets podcasting.

Each major wikipedia section: cars, video games, news, etc.. will have a paid host that does a daily show and builds a community that will populate the Kokua/ Mahalo Wiki which will have fan/expert based editorials.

Fans will be encouraged to send in their videos on subjects a bit like correspondents, similar to what Rocket Boom currently does (where our insider believes Calacanis credits the idea) and the fan who gets picked for the show that day gets paid $50 or $100, an idea which our insider says Calacanis picked up from Al Gore’s Current.TV

Our mystery insider continues:

Calacanis thinks he can make passionate VIDEOS and highly-ranked wikipages that capture not only Google Adsense [revenue] but video revenue, the videos will be placed on every video service and Jason has two studios built. So if you become a great correspondent you can get to work out of “the studio” as he referrers to it sort of like winning on a game show… you get promoted to be a cast member (like Howard Stern or Flavor of Love–his two favorite examples)

We also had some links to screenshots of the new service provided however the links are now dead.

Having read this I’m going to revise what I said yesterday, this isn’t a Topix Clone, this is a Weblogs Inc clone with a focus on Podcasting/ Videocasting as opposed to blogging to get around the AOL NDA.

More if and when we get it, and of course thanks to our mystery insider for the tip.

New Media Wire – Tues May 01, 2007

Viacom Buying
Say it ain’t so. If Viacom buys, I’ll be uninstalling from my computers. What next? Microsoft buys Pandora? As far as I know, is independent, which is why like it.

What Was Sony Thinking?
Did Sony really use a freshly decapitated goat for their God of War game launch? What in Heck were they thinking? Did their management suddenly grow horns? Is a “we’re sorry” acceptable here. Tell me this wasn’t offline “linkbait” calculated to cause controversy. No PR is bad PR.

Journos vs Bloggers
Bloggers are not journalists. But journalists can be bloggers. Can bloggers be journalists? Who cares? I think I’d rather see a no-holds barred Cage Match between bloggers and journalists. Just no goats, please. Maps and Stats Mashup
Want to see your website’s visitors in (near) real-time on a Google Map? Statsify offers just such a mashup. Very cool. For about six seconds. Though I think there could be potential in this app, with additional features. I mean, it’s not all that different in essence from Twittervision.

Wakoopa: An Application We Don’t Really Need? and others track what songs you’ve played recently. Wakoopa apparently does the same for downloaded applications. Meh. Why bother?

Fun With Digg
Since the Digg API was opened up, some very fascinating applications have been built on it – many I had planned on exploring. If you are a stats junkie that likes different “views” of data, especially for social networks, check these out.

Google partners States for Public Information Search

google 2 Google partners States for Public Information SearchThe Googlebot just got bigger. Question is, does it have teeth? is it more like a Labrador or a Pit-Bull, both have ravenous appetites, but only one bites?

Google has announced a new partnership with the US States of Arizona, California, Utah and Virginia that will see public information and data from all 4 State Governments indexed and available via Google.

To quote Search Engine Journal (source) quoting Google:

These partnerships developed as both Google and officials with the four state governments recognized that the public is increasingly turning to search engines like Google to access government services, but that a significant share of the information on state agency websites is not included in its index of information sources on the web.

As a result, many online government services can be difficult for the public to find.

According to SEJ, the States will be using Google’s Custom Search Engine.