Acer Delays Release of Windows RT Products

150x100 Acer Delays Release of Windows RT Products

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Who knew media reception about Windows RT is going to give a major electronics manufacturer the jitters?

Acer has announced that it will be delaying the release of new Acer tablets that run under Windows RT, from the earlier posted announcement of the first few months of 2013 to the new date of between April to June 2013. The company has cited the mixed reactions Mcirosoft Surface received from various media entities when it was officially launched a week ago. [Read more...]

Microsoft May Introduce Curved Onscreen Keyboard for Windows Phones

curvedy keyboard 273x300 Microsoft May Introduce Curved Onscreen Keyboard for Windows PhonesA recently leaked photo online showed what may be a new innovation that Microsoft is going to bring to its Windows Phones. The photo shows a curved, onscreen keyboard that you’re supposed to operate with just one hand.

The photo was leaked by website WMPoweruser, which also reported that the curved keyboard has been in development since a year ago. The curved keyboard looks like it is just going to be a secondary function or option to the more well-established QWERTY keyboard that has been implemented with smartphones and touchscreen phones. [Read more...]

New Survey Reveals BlackBerry’s Drastically Reduced Market Share, Android Still Top Smartphone

blackberry logo2 300x225 New Survey Reveals BlackBerrys Drastically Reduced Market Share, Android Still Top Smartphone The IDC recently released new survey results regarding smartphone market share and the results are very alarming for Research in Motion and its once mighty BlackBerry phone.

According to the IDC report the market share of BlackBerry has drastically fallen to 6.4 percent this year. Contrast it to the 13.6 percent market share it was enjoying just last year and you’ll realize that the BlackBerry is really in jeopardy. [Read more...]

Nokia Windows Phones to Be Announced Next Week

nokia wp7 phone 300x263 Nokia Windows Phones to Be Announced Next WeekNokia has been taking a beating in the world market the last few years. The mobile phone manufacturer was once the top dog in the mobile phone industry. But its failure to adapt to changes in the mobile phone preferences of consumers – mainly from the typical mobile phones to smartphones – has resulted in a dwindling market share. In fact, the situation has gotten to a point where it is leaving certain markets because of poor sales. For example, Nokia has basically left Japan and it also hasn’t released any new phones in the United States for the last couple of years. [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango features

Windows mango 300x300 Windows Phone 7.5 Mango featuresMicrosoft is hedging its bets on the new Windows Phone mobile operating system as the one that will give Apple’s iOS a run for its money. Microsoft seems to have taken some inspiration from Apple’s very popular operating system and made its own innovations to make it more competitive and separate itself from the giant it wants to do battle with. People who have been able to play with the 7.5 Mango update have reported positively about it.  If you’re still unfamiliar about what Windows Phone 7.5 can offer you read on.

Probably one of the tent pole features of Windows Phone 7.5 that Microsoft thinks will attract consumers is its social media integration. Facebook integration was already featured in an earlier iteration of Windows Phone but with version 7.5 Twitter and LinkedIn have been added as well. The integration of these social networks is not just superficial it is integrated into the system. For example, photo sharing is a seamless affair. Sharing photos to Twitter and Facebook will only take a few clicks. [Read more...]

Windows 8 will run Windows Phone 7 apps?

win8 300x236 Windows 8 will run Windows Phone 7 apps?An almost universal computing environment. This is what the future will look like if reported information about Windows 8 is true.

According to Nvidia CEO Jen Hsun Huang, he thinks that Microsoft’s next generation computer and tablet operating system, Windows 8, will be able to recognize and run apps that have been developed and coded for the Windows Mobile Phone 7 operating system – which is the new mobile operating system developed by the software giant. [Read more...]

Class Action Suit filed against Windows Mobile Phone 7 for Location Tracking Feature

Windows Mobile 7 247x300 Class Action Suit filed against Windows Mobile Phone 7 for Location Tracking Feature A class action suit is likely being readied against Microsoft by consumers alleging that the software giant’s Windows Phone 7 operating system tracks the locations of phone owners without asking for consent.

A woman from Michigan has filed the likely class action lawsuit in a Seattle District Court. She claims that Windows Mobile Phone 7 gathers user data from owners of the phone, and continue to do this even if the owners have already opted out of the location-reporting feature. An equally damaging allegation is that Microsoft did not tell the truth to Congress about how much data from location information the device collects.

According to the suit, the location logging feature incorporated into Windows Mobile Phone 7 gets location and network information data directly from the device in order to build a map of WiFi hotspots, cell towers and other related data that can be employed for assisted GPS. The suit further alleges that the information gathered is not just to give phone owners a thorough location-based service but also to create a targeted marketing system that can personalized the ads that are sent to a user’s particular location.

Microsoft, which is expected to fight the class action suit, has assured the public and the US Congress before that data gathering feature will only work if the user has permitted an application to get location services. The company further clarified that the application only gathers location data and nothing else.

Both Android and iOS devices were also accused of getting location data without permission from users but these were eventually fixed in subsequent updates.

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Microsoft To Windows 6 Lovers: The End Is Near

windowsmobile6 226x300 Microsoft To Windows 6 Lovers: The End Is NearDespite experiencing less than stellar sales, Microsoft is committed to Windows Phone 7 which they believe is their ticket towards combating the rise of Android (which ironically is making more money for them than WP7).

As far as Windows 6.x devices however, it looks like Microsoft has decided to slowly starve their archaic OS, starting with their app store.

Last week Microsoft began notifying Windows Mobile 6.x developers that the company will no longer accept new Windows Mobile applications for the Windows Marketplace for Mobile starting July 15, 2011.

The company also announced a transition plan to move Microsoft My Phone customers onto Windows Live SkyDrive storage service. (Redmond Developer News)

Microsoft plans on cutting support for customers on Windows Mobile 6.x in January of 2013 and will end distribution for the software on Halloween of the same year.

Since the mobile OS is no longer noteworthy, Microsoft should try to convince customers still running devices powered by Windows Mobile 6.x to upgrade to a WP7 smartphone (perhaps by giving them a 50% discount to help sweeten the deal).

For those of you who grew up on Windows Mobile, what are your thoughts of Microsoft beginning to phase out the OS? Also, was Windows Mobile your first smartphone device?

Ex-Microsoft VP Blaming Others For Windows Phone 7 Failures?

blamedemotivationalposter 490x349 Ex Microsoft VP Blaming Others For Windows Phone 7 Failures?

As an iOS fan boy I’ll be the first to admit that Windows Phone 7 (or WP7 for short) is an impressive OS.

In fact every single one of my friends (both geeks and non-geeks) who have tried a WP7 device have become addicted to it, with a few ditching Android in order to partake of it’s glory.

That said, this former Microsoft VP’s behavior of blaming others for poor sales is at best pathetic. [Read more...]

Is Windows Phone 7 A Flop?

windowsphone7image Is Windows Phone 7 A Flop?That is the question on every mobile geeks mind right now after a report came out from an analyst projecting horrific sales of Windows Phone 7.

Despite selling 1.5 million phones to carriers, consumers apparently are not flocking towards the device (making Microsoft’s wonder phone a flop).

But what are the sales over the same period to end-users? Minus the donated phones and provided to its employees. Let’s assume that figure my personal assessment, that there were no official investigations and persecutions of the staff Microsoft. So, Fasten. By my estimate retail sales totaled 674,000 units. (Mobile Review, note: translated from Russian to English)

Seeing that this news is from an analyst one should always take information like this with a grain of salt (as truthfully no one really knows how many phones were sold outside of Microsoft).

However Microsoft could help clear up the confusion if they would simply release their activation numbers to the public (a method which Apple and Google both use to measure OS popularity).

Hopefully the company will consider releasing some hard numbers in the future, as the last thing Microsoft needs is shadowy rumors dragging the image of Windows Phone 7 down (which could hurt their image amongst developers).