Google Hasn’t Submitted a Maps App to Apple

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To say that the new Apple Maps that came with the release of iOS 6 is a disappointment is a vast understatement. I can’t remember the last time Apple even released an unmitigated disaster as its Maps service. If you’ve read the complaints (of which there are many online) then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Apple’s misstep has led iOS users to demand the return of Google Maps. Not as a replacement to Apple’s Maps app – because that will never happen – but as a separate app that they can download. There were rumors that Google is already close to releasing the Google Maps app on the App Store. But it looks like this not true. [Read more...]

Apple Reports 5 Million iPhone 5′s Sold in Three Days

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Apple has reported that it has sold over 5 million units of the newly released iPhone 5 over just three days. The sales exceeded the 4 million units Apple sold of the iPhone 4s when it was released a year ago.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, “demand for iPhone 5 has been incredible and we are working hard to get an iPhone 5 into the hands of every customer who wants one as quickly as possible.” Cook added that the initial supply of units have sold out but Apple is hard at work replenishing stocks in stores while also continuing to accept online orders. [Read more...]

Apple Announces New iPod Touch, iPod Nano

ipodnano 300x210 Apple Announces New iPod Touch, iPod NanoApple has announced the iPhone 5 and, frankly, I wasn’t really impressed with it. There was no feature announced that people didn’t already knew from the unprecedented amount of information leaks about this new iPhone that the media reported. It was a ho-hum product, to say the least.

What I got excited about, on the other hand, are the newly redesigned iPod Touch and iPod Nano. [Read more...]

The iPhone 5 is Here

150x98 The iPhone 5 is Here

Today, Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 5 at a press conference held at the Yerba Buena Center for The Arts in San Francisco.

The new phone was well received by the audience even though there was really nothing surprising about the phone at this point. The iPhone 5 has been the subject of many rumors and speculations and a lot of the rumors turned out to be true so the official unveiling was a little anti-climactic. [Read more...]

Apple returns to EPEAT after realizing mistakes, goes green again

apple 300x223 Apple returns to EPEAT after realizing mistakes, goes green againThe Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool or EPEAT® is a rating system that is a concerted effort between activists, agencies (government) and manufacturers and tells you how environmentally friendly your electronic equipment(desktops, monitor and laptops) truly is. Through this you can make conscious choices to protect the environment by going green. Products that are endorsed by EPEAT carry less mercury, have less toxic products and can be recycled efficiently. They also help you reduce your energy consumption (and expenses), backed as they are by ENERGY STAR® specifications. Thus the emphasis is on energy consumption and recyclability. [Read more...]

Samsung Increases Lead Over Apple in Sales

s3 300x230 Samsung Increases Lead Over Apple in SalesIn the smartphone sphere, the two players that have a lion’s share of the market are Apple and Samsung. These two companies have been the dominant players in the global market and their respective sales numbers show that their competition is fierce with no true leader.

But a recent survey released by Reuters has revealed that Samsung may have finally widened its lead over Apple by a significant margin. The study was the result of a poll made involving 41 financial analysts. The analysts have observed that the tremendous interest the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been generating is the factor that has put Samsung over Apple in sales. From the period covering April 1 to June 30, Samsung has managed to sell over 50 million smartphones worldwide, which definitely dwarfs Apple’s own sales figure of 30.5 million smartphones. [Read more...]

Amazon Opens Its Appstore to International Developers

amazon app store Amazon Opens Its Appstore to International DevelopersAmazon made an announcement that it is opening its Appstore to apps made in other countries. This is the company’s first overt move to really go international with the Appstore, which was officially opened in the United States a year ago. According to Amazon, developers from European countries like France, Italy, Germanty, the UK and Spain can now submit apps to the Amazon Appstore for consideration. The company has also teased that it will further open up this opportunity to other countries in the future.

Many pundits think that this move by Amazon to open up the Appstore to other countries is an important step towards Amazon being able to sell its hit Kindle Fire tablet to markets outside the United States. [Read more...]

Samsung Now The Leading Smartphone Manufacturer in The World

Smartphones 300x150 Samsung Now The Leading Smartphone Manufacturer in The WorldSamsung is well on its way to totally dominate the global smartphone market. According to a report from three different research companies, Samsung is now the leading smartphone manufacturer in the world. [Read more...]

Instagram Tops App Store, Gets 1M Downloads in Android

instagram2 Instagram Tops App Store, Gets 1M Downloads in AndroidInstagram got a lot of flak from iOS users when two events happened within the space of days – Instagram’s release of an Android version of the popular photo shooting app and the announcement that Facebook as bought the company behind Instagram for a cool $1 billion. The negative reactions from long-time Instagram users got so intense that many of them said they will abandon the app and delete their Instagram account. [Read more...]

Google Gets Popularity Crown, Beating Apple, Facebook and Twitter

google1 Google Gets Popularity Crown, Beating Apple, Facebook and TwitterThere are times when you take survey results with a grain of salt – and for some, this new survey may be one instance you need to do it.

According to a survey conducted by ABC/Washington Post, Google is the most popular company compared to such heavyweights like Apple, Facebook, and Twitter. To make it more eyebrow raising, the poll was conducted during the period when people expressed outrage over Google’s new unified privacy policy (from Mar 28 to April 1). [Read more...]