Best Apps to Keep Track of Your Franchise Business

The use of digital technology has become so important in business today more than ever. It is a powerful tool that helps businesses reach out and connect more with their target audience. In addition, using the latest technology is an effective way for owners and managers to achieve their goals.

In running a franchise business or any business for that matter, experts recognize that the hardware is as important as the software. The computer, both desktop and laptop, plus the mobile devices such as the tablet and smartphones are vital in keeping files, creating reports and issuing receipts. The software applications also play a major role particularly in analyzing statistics and easing up the tasks of business owners.

Thanks to the numerous apps that have been developed, managers and owners are able to free up their time and focus on the more important aspects of running their business. We share some of the most useful here which you should definitely consider. They cover tasks such as keeping track of your budget and expenses as well as the time spent on tasks by your employees. [Read more...]

How to Avoid Letting Redirects Ruin Your Site Redesign

301 redirect WordPress SEO 300x200 How to Avoid Letting Redirects Ruin Your Site Redesign

When redesigning a website or moving it to a new domain, the proper network of redirects is essential. Without redirects, search engines won’t know that pages have moved, which can negatively affect organic search visibility; if a search engine thinks a page has disappeared entirely, it could be purged from the index. Implementing redirects ensures that search engines recognize moved page URLs and send visitors to the right places when they click on links in search results. [Read more...]

Rumor: Nexus 4 to Be Released October 29

lg nexus4 300x260 Rumor: Nexus 4 to Be Released October 29I recently bought a Google Galaxy Nexus and to say that I am impressed is an understatement. It is a cool phone that epitomizes most of the good things that has made the Android operating system the most popular mobile OS in the world.

I am not alone in my assessment of Google’s Nexus program. Their line of smartphones and tablets are getting rave reviews and is considered the benchmark for what a pure Android experience should be. [Read more...]

Google, Asus Reportedly Preparing $100 Nexus Tablet For Christmas

tablet n7 features rowhome frontback 278x300 Google, Asus Reportedly Preparing $100 Nexus Tablet For ChristmasThere are certain rumors that are just worth reporting about.

Rumors are starting to come out of a new Nexus tablet that will be significantly more affordable than the already low-priced Google Nexus 7 tablets. [Read more...]

Google Play Gift Cards Released

 Google Play Gift Cards ReleasedGift cards for the Android Market (now called Google Play), similar to the cards that Apple sells for its iTunes/App Store, has been requested by Android users for a long time now. After years of waiting, Google has finally addressed this request and has released Google Play gift cards.

The release of the Google Play gift cards came a few days after the Google Play Android App received an update that allowed for gift cards support. The cards come in both $10 and $25 denominations, but you can expect to see cards with higher denominations at some point in the future. The card itself has an ubiquitous Google Play logo in the front, you won’t ever mistake what it is, even from afar. [Read more...]

Barnes & Noble Cuts Nook Prices

nook 300x204 Barnes & Noble Cuts Nook PricesThere’s a reason why stiff competition among manufacturers is always beneficial to us consumers. Just look at what’s happening right now at the 7-inch tablet market segment.

With the Google Nexus 7 launching to massive success both with critics and consumers, the other players in its market segment are beginning to feel the pressure. The first to blink is Barnes & Noble. The book retailer has announced that it has cut the prices of its tablet products.

According to the announcement, the Nook Color’s price has now been reduced from $169 to $149. The Nook 8GB tablet is now priced at $179 from its original price of $199, and the 16GB variant of the Nook tablet is now going to retail for $199 from its previous price of $249. [Read more...]

Gmail Android App Gets New Update, Improves Compatibility with 7-Inch Tablets

gmail1 300x300 Gmail Android App Gets New Update, Improves Compatibility with 7 Inch TabletsOne of the more popular and reliable email apps for the Android operating system is the Gmail app. Fortunately, Google (who owns Gmail and also Android) has been hard at work continuously improving their popular email app. The company has announced that it will be implementing new updates for the app, which was finally made available a couple of days ago. [Read more...]

Google Releases Indoor Mapping Service in The UK

indoor maps 300x266 Google Releases Indoor Mapping Service in The UKGoogle has recently launched a new service in the UK that comes at just the right time. Google’s new indoor mapping service.

The Google indoor mapping service has already been available in certain locations in the US since last November. The new UK service will work on Android devices and will be able to provide users with the floor plans to a number of popular locations in the area, especially those that are seen as tourist spots. The floor plans of major department stores, airports and train stations will also be included. [Read more...]

Google Acquires Quickoffice

quickoffice 225x300 Google Acquires QuickofficeGoogle recently announced its acquisition of Quickoffice, the popular productivity suite available for both iOS and Android devices. The software suite allows users to open and edit Microsoft Office documents, namely MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents from the aforementioned mobile devices. The exact amount involved in the deal has not yet been disclosed.

Google has announced that the acquisition of Quickoffice will help their users “get more done anytime, anywhere.” [Read more...]

Google Plans New Strategies for Android release and Nexus Phones

nexus 300x230 Google Plans New Strategies for Android release and Nexus PhonesGoogle is planning to change its whole strategy on subsequent releases of Android and its self-branded Nexus phones, pushing its presence in the mobile phone market to more prominence.

The new strategy that Google plans to implement is to first diversify its partnership with phone manufacturers. Whereas before, the company would only work with one manufacturer in developing its Google Nexus phones, the new strategy is to offer consumers an array of Nexus phones and tablets that have been developed and manufactured by up to five different manufacturers. [Read more...]