7 Web Tools for Students

Students are always looking for tools that will save them time and help them boost their productivity. While there is a huge variety of tools available on the Web, most of them are either too expensive, too complicated or just not what is needed. Plus, with so many to choose from, it can be hard to choose the right one. No one really wants to test out 10-20 different tools just to find out which one is right for them. So, here are 7 Web tools for students that are sure to be all that you need and more.


Evernote is the only notebook you’ll ever need as a student. It’s the ultimate note-taking tool that lets you save text, audio, images, and screenshots in an organizable online notebook. Once you sync your notes, they can be accessed from the Web, computer desktop and most mobile devices. What makes Evernote most useful its super fast search engine that lets you search through all of your notes, even text within images, in a matter of seconds. With the ability to add tags and create numerous notebooks, it’s very easy to stay organized with Evernote. [Read more...]

Baby Steps to iPad’s World Domination, an iPad for Every Seton Hill University Students

Screen shot 2010 03 31 at 5.51.04 AM 490x232 Baby Steps to iPads World Domination, an iPad for Every Seton Hill University Students

I admit. I made up that title. But I can’t help but foresee the future of the American educational setting. One iPad for every student in every schools. Each of the iPads interconnected with the school where they are being used. Having access to college textbooks and other systems in the school.  Does the thought freak you out? or does it sound exciting?

Now back to reality. Setton Hill University is reportedly giving out an iPad for every full-time student starting in Fall 2010. This is part of the university’s Technology Advantage Program.  The iPad that will be given to students will allow them to download textbooks from the iBookstore, used the iPads as phones, sharing files and note-taking notes. In other words, Setton Hill is taking its baby steps towards a fully-electronic educational setting using the Apple iPad. And for iPad, it’s the magical device’s baby steps towards conquering the world, starting with the education sector.

I’m pretty sure, if this program gets a headstart, the only thing that would stop other universities from copying it is Apple’s capability to supply the demand. And given Apple and Steve Jobs’ desire to conquer the world through computing, I’m pretty sure as well that supply will just be a minor problem for Apple.

Incidentally, in case you’re not aware Setton Hill University has this habit of  of either lending or giving out Apple products to its students.  The university has previously issued a 13-inch MacBook to its students with round-the-clock support for technical issues encountered by students when using their MacBook. In other words, the Setton Hill University is a great place to learn if you’re an Apple fanatic.

If I could afford it, I’d definitely send my son to study in Setton Hill University.

BlackBerry Gets the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary Apps

Screen shot 2010 03 15 at 10.55.22 PM 490x254 BlackBerry Gets the Merriam Websters Dictionary Apps

How about this folks? Imagine a printed version of Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged weighing around 12.5 pounds. But thanks to data compression and digital technology, that bulky dictionary can now be housed, accessed and used on a 25MB space in your mobile phone. To be specific about it – the Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary on your BlackBerry phones.

Wait, but that’s not all that you can have on your BlackBerry device, but the whole Merriam-Webster dictionary lines via a mobile application developed by Paragon Software Group of California. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary app supports  all BlackBerry Smartphones with OS version 4.2.1 and higher, except the BlackBerry Storm.

The application features – online update or over-the-air program updates, dictionary database installable on flash cards, hyperlinks between related articles and directions, search history, online dictionary catalog that provides one-click access to other Merriam-Webster Dictonaries, multilingual interface and no internet connection required.

But before you check out the BlackBerry App World to download the app, be prepared to spend some extra dough since this apps are not for free. The complete line of Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and their selling price are as follow:

  • Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition ($24.95)
  • Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged ($59.95)
  • Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary ($24.95)
  • Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary ($14.95)
  • The Merriam-Webster Dictionary ($19.95)
  • Merriam-Webster’s French-English Dictionary ($24.95)
  • Merriam-Webster’s Spanish-English Dictionary ($25.95)

If you see a need to have any of these Merriam-Webster Dictionary in your BlackBerry, go check out the app at http://www.penreader.com or at the BlackBerry App World.

Leapfrog School launches new online version of Link to Lessons

LeapFrog School, the education division of LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc., announced the release of a new online version of Link to Lessons, an educator resource featuring easy-to-use classroom tools and standards-aligned activities for individualized instruction. Designed to support classroom use of LeapFrog School products for early literacy and language development in PreK-Grade 2, Link to Lessons provides more than 6,000 skill-based, standards-aligned activities and tools that are searchable by instructional objective and available for tracking student progress.

OEDb releases Online College Rankings 2008

online colleges OEDb releases Online College Rankings 2008
The Online Education Database (OEDb), a site offering comprehensive reviews of online colleges and degree programs, has released the Online College Rankings 2008 to highlight the “relative attractiveness of the most popular accredited online colleges”.

The database site claims online education has started to earn the respect of top employers but the main challenges are about its lack of transparency and the proliferation of diploma mills or an institutions not supervised by the state.

The overall rankings shown above are based on 8 different measures – financial aid, acceptance rate, peer Web citations, graduation rate, retention rate, scholarly citations, years accredited and student-faculty ratio.

If you are interested to get the full details of this report, visit OEDb Online College Rankings 2008.

Edumax.com offers free tutorials online

Edumax.com is a new website providing free virtual classrooms on a variety of subjects, making education accessible, user-friendly, and affordable.

This online educational site offers a series of easy to understand lessons prepared by experts ranging from personal development to computer programming. The site is poised to become the ultimate online destination providing free learning to the world.

edumax Edumax.com offers free tutorials online

Features of Edumax.com include unlimited, free access to online courses and a forum to discuss topics, post questions, and support the online learning experience. Carefully screened and selected experts develop each lesson with the student’s success in mind.

These lessons provide step-by-step guides, enabling students to understand the topics from the most basic concept to advanced theories. Edumax offers twenty-five relevant subjects and utilizes tutorials, forums, and the latest online learning techniques to maximize each student’s educational experience.

“We believe everyone in the world deserves the chance to learn, build skills, and obtain better careers. The world-wide accessibility of the Internet allows us an unprecedented opportunity to bring education to anyone, anywhere in the world for free,” stated Armen Oulikhanian, Edumax.com CEO.

Free foreign language lessons online at Mango Languages

mango Free foreign language lessons online at Mango LanguagesDying to speak foreign languages but don’t money? You should visit Mango Languages, a unique website where users can sign up to learn a foreign language online for free.

It features 100 lessons in nearly a dozen languages, including: Spanish, English for Spanish and Polish speakers, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Greek.

By early 2008, Mango Languages plans to launch the second version of the site which will further refine and polish the original language lessons, and add new lessons in Hebrew, Arabic, Korean, Polish, Vietnamese, Thai, Cantonese Chinese, Irish Gaelic, Farsi, Hindi, Turkish and Ukrainian.

“We’re excited to make foreign language learning accessible online to all people regardless of their economic resources. Mangolanguages.com is the language lab of the future,” says Jason Teshuba, president and CEO.

Try it now! Comprenez-vous? Ça ne fait rien!

Mandela’s No Easy Walk to Freedom to go digital

proquest2 Mandelas No Easy Walk to Freedom to go digital Nelson Mandela’s collection of articles, speeches, letters and trial transcripts documenting his life and imprisonment compiled in a book entitled No Easy Walk to Freedom will finally go digital.

The agreement has been made between Mandela and Proquest, a leader in collection, organization, and publishing of information. Initially published in 1965, the digital version is expected to be out by December this year.

“Nelson Mandela holds a unique place in the global imagination as a symbol of African freedom and independence, and No Easy Walk to Freedom is one of the most significant works of the anti-apartheid movement. ProQuest is privileged to be able to republish this volume as part of our digital edition of the African Writers Series”, said Dan Burnstone, Publishing Director, Proquest’s Chadwyck-Healey.

It’s good to see eye-opening books going digital to appeal to the technology-driven generation. I could hope that this feat would educate more people around the globe about apartheid.

Strayer University launches virtual commencement ceremony

strayer Strayer University launches virtual commencement ceremonyStrayer University, a post-secondary adult education institution, today launched its 2007 Virtual
Commencement ceremony to provide its online graduates with a complete online ceremony that complements their experiences in Internet learning.

“Our virtual commencement ceremony brings the graduation experience directly into the homes of online students and their guests worldwide, and it also is a fitting culmination for Strayer University’s online students, whose graduation experience can match how they earned their degrees,” Randy Reich, senior vice president of Academic Administration, said.

In the 2007 virtual commencement ceremony, Strayer University graduates are greeted with a traditional rendering of “Pomp and Circumstance” while hearing and viewing their names as they appear in a diploma format. Graduates and guests may navigate through opening remarks, student biographies, photos of classmates, graduate words of inspiration, and a special congratulatory farewell.

The virtual ceremony includes a keynote address by Lee Cockerell, recently retired executive vice president of operations for The Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Cockerell reminds graduates that even though they have earned their degree, it doesn’t mean that learning has stopped.

Editor’s note: What can we say but… congratulations to the graduates!