Dell Retreats from US Tablet Market

Dell Streak 300x199 Dell Retreats from US Tablet MarketOne of the companies that entered the internet tablet market is the global computer manufacturing giant Dell. As I mentioned in yesterday’s article on the BlackBerry Playbook, breaking into the potentially lucrative tablet market is hard and more companies have failed than succeeded. Dell has acknowledged that it has also failed in its bid to become a competitive player in the market when it announced that it is getting out of the US tablet market.

Dell has stopped selling the Dell Streak 7, the company’s last remaining tablet model being sold in the US market. Last August, Dell discontinued the sales of the Dell Streak 5. The company’s Dell Streak 10 was never released in the US and may not be released at all given the turn of events. It is, however, being sold in China. [Read more...]

Dell, Baidu enter partnership to produce “Yi” smartphones

china phone 300x199 Dell, Baidu enter partnership to produce Yi smartphonesChina is one of the great untapped markets on earth and any company who does not set their eyes on the Chinese market will only be left behind.
At least that is the common belief that has been passed on for the last few years. There is truth to this because China is an exploding market with consumers that are fast to latch on to trends and have the buying power to follow those trends.

American computer manufacturer Dell is making additional inroads to the Chinese market by partnering with Baidu, one of China’s biggest companies. The agreement is for the manufacturing of smartphones and tablets that will use Baidu’s own Android-based operating system, Yi. [Read more...]

Dell Makes Netbooks Cool Again (Inspiron Duo)

Ever since Apple graced the masses with the iPad, the demand for netbooks has more or less evaporated, as companies were forced to either reduce prices further (and lose out on profits) or attempt to reinvent what was once seen as the “poor man’s” laptop.

It looks like one company has chosen to do the latter, which a few Microsoft employees were able to demo for the rest of the world (note: video is from Dell, not Microsoft).

The core of the duo’s uniqueness is the screen itself; rather than have a convertible screen that is hinged at a single point on the chassis and rotates laterally, the duo’s lid is fixed and the screen rotates inside the bezel[.] [...]

I found the duo comfortable to work on – the tight 1366 x 768 resolution, even on the 10” viewable screen area, was easy to read, and 12” body offers up a keyboard that was big enough to type on without my fingers cramping. Sound was impressively good for something this diminutive and I enjoyed singing along to the new Zac Brown Band album on Zune.  My office mates, however, did not.

In touch mode, the duo is a capable entertainment companion.  When you flip it to reveal the touchscreen, a finger friendly interface called “Dell Stage” pops up, and gives you one-touch access to your photos, movies, the Blio reader, and games.   It’s an unobtrusive overlay to Windows 7’s standard interface that’s there when you want it to be there, and hidden when you don’t. (Windows Team Blog)

The Inspiron Duo starts at $549 and may actually prove to be a serious contender against the iPad, although that depends upon how well Microsoft Windows 7 works with the netbook tablet laptop (or whatever one wants to call it).

Dell’s visionary netbook also boasts plenty of space by offering a 250 GB hard drive as well as 2 GB of RAM.

Truth be told however I’m not so sure if that last fact matters as the netbook is sporting an Atom processor which honestly are not the best processors for computers (smartphones are a different matter however).

While this netbook could prove to be a holiday blockbuster for Dell, it may also be the company’s ticket to compete against not only Apple, but HP as well (the latter who is creating a tablet for Windows 7 as well as webOS).

Is Dell Creating A Google Chrome Laptop?

dellchromelogo Is Dell Creating A Google Chrome Laptop?Known mostly for creating PC’s powered by Windows, it looks like Dell could be pondering a laptop powered by the search engine giant’s official operating system (aka Chrome OS).

“There are going to be unique innovations coming up in the marketplace in two, three years, with a new form of computing, we want to be on that forefront … So with Chrome or Android or anything like that we want to be one of the leaders,” [Dell's president for Greater China and South Asia] Midha said, adding that there were no firm announcements to be made but talks were underway. (Reuters) [Read more...]

$99 laptop from Dell, not really

11 $99 laptop from Dell, not reallyDell and AT&T Mobility announced an offer that brings nationwide high-speed connectivity at an affordable price to Inspiron Mini 9. Through Jan. 31, 2009, you can purchase a select Inspiron Mini 9 that is regularly $449 for $99 after a $350 Dell mail-in rebate. Here’s the catch: you should purchase a qualifying two-year AT&T LaptopConnect agreement. At $60 per month, this would be around $1,440. Yikes.

The Inspiron Mini 9 is a small, easy-to-carry Internet companion that can be tuned to fit your specific needs and deeds. Minis are ideal for teens, tweens, travelers and “Tweeters” to surf the Web, chat with friends, blog, upload photos or enjoy online videos, music and games.

AT&T offers the nation’s 3G network in nearly 350 major U.S. metropolitan areas. AT&T LaptopConnect customers with a 2-year service agreement also enjoy free connectivity to the AT&T Wi-Fi network.

The $99 tag price is too tempting, however.

Dell, Universal Music Group to jump-start digital libraries with pre-loaded MP2 music

Dell and Universal Music Group (UMG) teamed to provide a simple, economical way to jump-start a digital music library by pre-loading MP3 bundles on select new systems purchased on For the first time, individuals will now be able to select a variety of optional music bundles to be pre-installed on their new PC, creating highly personalized music collections right out of the box.

As part of this unique offering, Dell and UMG have created 50 and 100-song music bundles starting at $25, each of which includes a curated selection of MP3s for approximately half of current standard per track pricing.

Dell and Microsoft launch (PRODUCT) RED branded products to help eliminate AIDS in Africa

Dell and Microsoft Corp. will offer customers a simple way to make a difference in the fight against AIDS in Africa through the purchase of unique (PRODUCT) RED branded personal computers and a printer. Adding to the premium experience, all Dell (PRODUCT) RED PCs are powered by Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED. Dell is the exclusive partner for PCs and peripherals of (PRODUCT) RED.

Dell (PRODUCT) RED products are now available at and at Best Buy stores throughout the United States by the end of the week. Beginning Jan. 31, they also will be available through Dell in nearly 30 additional countries.

(RED), launched in 2006, is a brand designed to engage business and consumer power in the fight against AIDS in Africa. To date, (RED) partners have contributed more than $57 million to the Global Fund based on the sale of (PRODUCT) RED products. (RED) funds are at work on the ground in Rwanda, Swaziland and Ghana.

With each purchase of a (PRODUCT) RED branded Dell personal computer including Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED, Dell and Microsoft will make a combined contribution of $50 to $80 – depending on the PC purchased – to the Global Fund. Purchase of a Dell (PRODUCT) RED printer generates a $5 Dell contribution. One hundred percent of the funds contributed go to Global Fund-financed grants in Africa.

An $80 contribution generated by the choice of a Dell (PRODUCT) RED all-in-one PC with Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED is equivalent to more than six months of life-saving antiretroviral treatment for an individual living with AIDS in Africa.

Dell acquires Zing Systems, re-enters mobile entertainment scene

dell zing Dell acquires Zing Systems, re enters mobile entertainment sceneHardware giant Dell enters the portable entertainment scene again with its recent acquisition of technology and software startup Zing Systems.

Known for its “always connected” mobile entertainment, Zing currently provides the streaming audio technology for Sandisk Sana Connect wireless mobile mp3 player, and the Sirius Stiletto.

This acquisition is just one of the steps that Dell has taken to expand its retail catalog. “We’re looking at companies that can expand our capability to provide great product experiences,” said Frink. “We think this is a company that can provide a great technology and entertainment experience.

However, with the disappearance of the Dell DJ Ditty, Dell’s own-branded but now defunct portable media player, many are perplexed about this recent attempt. Then again, when all else fails, Dell could still continue effectively selling third party products anyway.