Why Most People Choose Windows VPS

windows vps for successful website hosting 300x259 Why Most People Choose Windows VPS

So you have a great business idea that you’d like to get online? If that’s the case, then you undoubtedly want the right host for your online business. There are many things to consider when selecting a suitable host. One of the most important is the operating system.

One option you can select is a Windows-based server. If that’s the case, then you’re most likely going to opt for a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) for cost reasons.

As the name implies, a virtual server is not an actual, physical server but a specific partition that’s part of a larger server. Think of a virtual server as a component of a “real” server that has been sliced up into numerous, smaller operations. This enables people who run small businesses (like yours) to share the same physical server at a reasonable price.

Here are some of the benefits of using a Windows-based virtual server. [Read more...]

Acer Delays Release of Windows RT Products

150x100 Acer Delays Release of Windows RT Products

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Who knew media reception about Windows RT is going to give a major electronics manufacturer the jitters?

Acer has announced that it will be delaying the release of new Acer tablets that run under Windows RT, from the earlier posted announcement of the first few months of 2013 to the new date of between April to June 2013. The company has cited the mixed reactions Mcirosoft Surface received from various media entities when it was officially launched a week ago. [Read more...]

Microsoft Patents “Whacking” Feature for Phones

 Microsoft Patents Whacking Feature for PhonesMicrosoft has recently filed a patent that would elicit two specific responses from mobile phone users. First is “why didn’t they think of this earlier?” The second is, “what possessed them to call it whacking?”

The patent Microsoft filed basically involves a new way of triggering a phone to go on silent or stop making a sound by “whacking” the device. You have to acknowledge that the process of whacking a phone to keep it quiet is, well, genius. It’s one of those things that’s so obvious, so basic that you wonder why no one implemented this feature before. [Read more...]

Court Bans Sales of Motorola Android Products in Germany

motorola android phones 300x240 Court Bans Sales of Motorola Android Products in GermanyMotorola has suffered a setback in Europe. A ruling promulgated by a Mannheim Court has resulted in Motorola’s Android-based devices getting banned for sale in Germany. More specifically, any Motorola device that uses FAT technology for its internal storage are going to be pulled from stores and other sales avenues in Germany. The ruling’s effect is immediate.

The court ruling was basically in favor of Microsoft’s suit. The software giant has a patent for the FAT or File Allocation Table, a technology that allows people to more readily find and label media files when using a storage system that runs FAT. With this ruling, Motorola may be forced to just implement a different file system, but in the meantime, expect the company to file an appeal with the court. [Read more...]

Microsoft May Introduce Curved Onscreen Keyboard for Windows Phones

curvedy keyboard 273x300 Microsoft May Introduce Curved Onscreen Keyboard for Windows PhonesA recently leaked photo online showed what may be a new innovation that Microsoft is going to bring to its Windows Phones. The photo shows a curved, onscreen keyboard that you’re supposed to operate with just one hand.

The photo was leaked by website WMPoweruser, which also reported that the curved keyboard has been in development since a year ago. The curved keyboard looks like it is just going to be a secondary function or option to the more well-established QWERTY keyboard that has been implemented with smartphones and touchscreen phones. [Read more...]

Microsoft Unveils Surface Tablet

microsoft surface 300x214 Microsoft Unveils Surface TabletMicrosoft is going to go head to head with Apple’s dominance in the tablet landscape with its new Microsoft Surface tablet. The new device was unveiled during a press event held in Los Angeles.

Rumors of Microsoft making a tablet has been circulating on the internet for many months now and the final reveal was not much of a surprise. What was surprising though was the tablet itself, with many saying that it does look like it has what it takes to really take on Apple. The Microsoft Surface tablet was revealed by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, with Steven Sinofsky talking more about the tablet at length. [Read more...]

ITC rules against Motorola, Bans Imports of Motorola Android Phones

Motorola logo.jpg 300x209 ITC rules against Motorola, Bans Imports of Motorola Android PhonesMicrosoft has successfully made a move that is going to hurt Motorola in a big way in the US. The US International Trade Commission has ruled in favor of Microsoft and has banned the import of Motorola Mobility Android devices until Motorola changes the software so that it won’t be infringing on the Microsoft patents or it can also buy a license from Microsoft so that it can continue selling the said devices.

The ITC’s ruling follows a December court ruling that states Motorola’s products, namely, the Atrix, Droid and Xoom smartphones, infringed on a Microsoft patent that is related to Exchange ActiveSync technology. [Read more...]

Microsoft Officially Announces Three Windows 8 Versions

Windows 8 Microsoft Officially Announces Three Windows 8 VersionsMicrosoft has officially announced the name of its next operating system. The new product will actually be called by the very name it has been referred to by everyone – Windows 8. Aside from this announcement, the company has also revealed that it will be releasing three variants of Windows 8.

The first product, to be called “Windows 8” is geared towards the general consumer. “Windows 8 Pro”, on the other hand, is aimed at the business market. The third version is going to be one that is compatible with ARM processors and will be officially called “Windows RT”. This last version of Windows 8 will come pre-installed in Windows on ARM devices, or WOA. [Read more...]

Microsoft Working On a New Music Streaming Service?

music Microsoft Working On a New Music Streaming Service?There are indications that Microsoft is preparing to launch a new music service/application that will be similar to what Spotify, Pandora, MOG or Rdio offers. Microsoft is reportedly talking with different record labels about developing the said app/service.

Experts say that Microsoft’s plan is to release the service as part of the applications or services associated with the Xbox 360. It does not intend to use its Zune brand name because it did not gain traction with consumers. [Read more...]

Apple Top Smartphone Manufacturer in the US, Android Top Platform

phone1 300x199 Apple Top Smartphone Manufacturer in the US, Android Top PlatformA newly released report by research firm Nielsen has significantly shown that Apple is still the top dog when it comes to the smartphone market. The report revealed that Apple is still the top smartphone manufacturer with the largest share in the market. But this position is slowly being threatened by other manufacturers who are making Android smartphones.

The Nielsen report – which compiles data taken from August through October of 2011 — showed that Apple has a strong 29 percent share of the smartphone market. The second top smartphone manufacturer is actually HTC, which has a 21 percent share. Coming in at third (surprisingly, at least to me) is RIM – the manufacturer of BlackBerry phones – which enjoys a 17 percent share of the market. Fourth place is occupied by Samsung and Motorola, which both have an 11 percent share of the smartphone market. [Read more...]