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The Future of Smartphone Applications

The world of technology is a fast-paced monster. As soon as a new application hits the market, it’s almost out of date. This may sound kind of discouraging to those who fight tooth and nail to keep up with the latest advances, but it can ...


How Kickstarter Has Changed Nonprofits

If ever you’ve heard of Kickstarter, you don’t need an explanation to cover what the project entails. However, if the phrase is new to you, understanding exactly what it is will help you understand how it’s changing ...


Choose a Cloud Storage Service that Fits Your Needs

People use the internet for varied reasons. Some use it for personal reasons such as to entertain themselves by browsing through websites to watch news or videos on YouTube, connect with friends on social networks or download music. Others use it ...

2013 Australian Tech Events to Participate In

The technology scene is booming all over the world, more so in certain places than others. The success of areas like Silicon Valley has prodded many others from different locations to emulate rock stars in the tech scene. While it might work for ...