The Future of Smartphone Applications

121214041359 firefox mozilla smartphone jc monster 300x171 The Future of Smartphone Applications

The world of technology is a fast-paced monster. As soon as a new application hits the market, it’s almost out of date. This may sound kind of discouraging to those who fight tooth and nail to keep up with the latest advances, but it can prove to be a very good thing nonetheless.

Although we may sometimes lag behind when acquiring the latest gadgets, we are still in the loop if we are connected to the right group of networks. New application developments mean new ways of promoting businesses, enabling us to market our previously slow-moving products and stay in the know when mobile.

Even if the consumers are a few steps behind, they can be sure to grasp the technology in their own time. [Read more...]

How Kickstarter Has Changed Nonprofits

Kickstarter Logo How Kickstarter Has Changed Nonprofits

If ever you’ve heard of Kickstarter, you don’t need an explanation to cover what the project entails. However, if the phrase is new to you, understanding exactly what it is will help you understand how it’s changing nonprofits.

Kickstarter is a funding platform. It’s designed to raise funds for creative projects. Through Kickstarter, nonprofits promote projects that are creative in some way and raise funding for them. The person behind a nonprofit’s project is solely responsible for it, from the creation to the finish.

The general public is given access to the project. It has a deadline and a goal. If individuals are interested in what the nonprofit is proposing to do with the project, they can pledge money to help the nonprofit reach its goal. [Read more...]

VPN: What is it and Why You Need to Use it?

You may not be familiar about VPN or the Virtual Private Network yet and it’s time you know if you want to experience worry-free internet surfing. Whether you’re going online for personal, work or business reasons and no matter the frequency, this kind of service will protect your vital information onwards.

secure internet browsing 300x249 VPN: What is it and Why You Need to Use it?

Next to your internet connection, this is a very important service anybody should think about subscribing to today. It’s all about ensuring your privacy and safety online amidst the ongoing hacking, scamming and phishing activities on the internet.

What is a Virtual Private Network?

A VPN is a public network of computers. Individuals can use to access network resources not covered in their local area network (LAN) or simply to secure their communications when using a public network such as in an internet café. Businesses also use it to connect to their remote servers or datacenters. Primarily, its objective is to ensure a secure and encrypted communication to protect people’s personal information and identity. [Read more...]

Choose a Cloud Storage Service that Fits Your Needs

cloudstorage Choose a Cloud Storage Service that Fits Your Needs

People use the internet for varied reasons. Some use it for personal reasons such as to entertain themselves by browsing through websites to watch news or videos on YouTube, connect with friends on social networks or download music. Others use it for work and business purposes.

Whatever the reason, one will need to store files in his computer or mobile device. And as time goes by, these files can take up disk or storage space which can result in a slow performance of your device.

With the introduction of cloud storage service, however, people can now back up their files without causing trouble to their desktop or laptop computer. As files can be stored in a separate server, internet users can enjoy seamless browsing. This type of storage service is also very beneficial as files can easily be accessed by the user in various devices as long as they are all synched together.

A 2010 survey of Storage magazine entitled SearchStorage Purchasing Intentions showed that most respondents use of cloud storage for disaster recovery. Some use it to keep primary data from their data centers while the others use it for nearline data storage.

This kind of service is indeed very attractive and useful but before you sign up with a provider, it is advised that you consider certain factors. These should include the cost, security and do take into account your storage needs as well.

Your storage requirement is very important as most providers often set a limit to the storage space it offers. Even the free plans have a limit. Amazon Cloud Drive, Box, Google Drive, SugarSync and Apple iCloud, for instance, only allow 5GB storage for its free plan while DropBox has a lower limit of 2GB. Get to know the cloud storage services for various operating systems for both PC and mobile devices at

Types of Cloud Storage Users

Basically, there are two types of users – the personal and business users. Those in business normally have a larger requirement what with the large volume of documents they need to keep. Their storage need can range from 50 GB to 100 GB or more. The regular consumers can make do with a free account that provides from 2 GB to 5 GB storage space.

Using a cloud storage service is a straightforward process. One just needs to log into the service, upload files and organize them in specific folders. But then again if you’re opting for a paid plan, make sure to know the cost per gigabyte per month depending on your needs. Also, read the service agreements very carefully and be aware of hidden costs that might be charged to you. Knowing all of these will prevent problems later on.

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2013 Australian Tech Events to Participate In

 2013 Australian Tech Events to Participate InThe technology scene is booming all over the world, more so in certain places than others. The success of areas like Silicon Valley has prodded many others from different locations to emulate rock stars in the tech scene. While it might work for others, it doesn’t always apply.

The fact remains, though, that local tech communities have to find their own way by building their own scene and adapting strategies and techniques to their own particular circumstances. In Australia, the tech scene is just as prolific, with a considerable number of events slated to happen this year. If you are looking at expanding your knowledge and your network, here are some Australian tech events scheduled for 2013. Take your pick! [Read more...]

DoCoMo Unveils Dual-Sided See-Through Screen Smartphone

dualsided 253x300 DoCoMo Unveils Dual Sided See Through Screen SmartphoneJapan’s NTT DoCoMo, the leading mobile company in Japan, recently revealed a new prototype Android smartphone that could potentially shake up the tech community because of its innovation.

The new device is a smartphone that has a transparent dual-sided touchscreen display. It was officially unveiled by DoCoMo last week at the Wireless Japan Show held in Tokyo, Japan.

The new technology used on the smartphone was developed in partnership with Fujitsu. With the new technology, the user can carry out different tasks on the back screen so that the view on the front display is unobstructed. [Read more...]

LG to release flexible e-paper displays this month

LG display LG to release flexible e paper displays this monthKorean tech manufacturer LG has announced that it will start full scale production of its thin e-paper displays. The company has also announced that flexible products that will sport this new display will begin appearing in the market as early as this month.

The new technology surrounding the flexible e-paper display may open new doors to a whole new category of products. The e-paper display is very durable, which makes it the perfect display choice for products that are prone to be dropped [Read more...]

The ‘LikeBelt’ Now Lets People Thrust Their Way to Facebook Updates

likebelt1 The ‘LikeBelt’ Now Lets People Thrust Their Way to Facebook UpdatesSomewhere along the way someone decided they like to dance and move their bodies, but they couldn’t be away from Facebook. After all, if you’re out doing some great you want everyone to know about it in your status. Pulling out your phone and typing in a status can be a drag. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just move your body to update your Facebook status? Well you guessed it—a new technology known as the LikeBelt makes this possible. No, I’m not joking.

The belt was created by design and development company Deeplocal. The way it works is this: If you’re walking down the road and see something that you like and you want to Facebook “like” it, all you have to do is thrust your hips into the direction of what you like. This thrust will then register with your android smartphone and let all of your Facebook friends know what you “like” at the very moment you have decided you like it. You can see a photo of the LikeBelt taken from Deeplocal up above.

[Read more...]

Sony Announces New CMOS Sensor, Ushers In More Powerful Smartphone Cameras

Sony 300x200 Sony Announces New CMOS Sensor, Ushers In More Powerful Smartphone CamerasIn an earlier article here in 901AM, we talked reported on survey results that more and more people are relying on the cameras on their phones in favor of point and shoots for taking photos on the fly. That report showed that current technologies are making the built in cameras on phones perform almost at par with stand-alone cameras. But Sony has announced a new technology that will still narrow that gap between built-in cameras and stand-alone cameras some more. [Read more...]

The Benefits of a Work Phone Inside Your Phone

phone 286x300 The Benefits of a Work Phone Inside Your Phone

The company VMware, a leader in the virtual machine segment, has introduced new technologies allowing employees to use personal mobile devices for work. At the same time, the applications on these phones that are related to work will be controlled by means of a number of novel security settings. One example of one such state of the art device is Horizon Mobile, which the company introduced last week. This device can operate a virtual machine of a work Smartphone that is inside your personal phone. Other devices, thanks to which you can benefit from a work phone inside your personal one, include applications that can deliver a virtual desktop image to your desktop computer at work and applications that can deliver other work-related graphics and designs to your Smartphone or tablet. [Read more...]