Google Gives YouTube Channels a Moderator

If you want to transform an otherwise “one-way” content site to a “tw0-way” community site, you have to do it one step at a time. And that’s what Google is trying to achieve with its priceless possession – YouTube. After rolling out some social sharing features, Google now deems it just about the right time to encourage more social participation not only to the YouTube site as a whole but to individual content channels created by its users. Hence, to facilitate real-time feedback and discussion on YouTube channels, Google Moderator has just been made available to everyone.

Google Moderator is a versatile, social platform that allows any YouTube user to collect comments, questions or ideas on their channels.  What’s fun about this feature is that your channel viewers can watch a particular rise to the top via this Google Moderator commenting/voting feature. Google has been using Moderator as part of its previous interviews with President Obama as well as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

In case you’re interested in using Google Moderator on your YouTube channels, here’s how Google describes how Google Moderator works:

” You set the parameters for the dialogue, including the topic, the type of submissions, and the length of the conversation. Watch as submissions get voted up or down by your audience, and then respond to the top-voted submissions by posting a video on your channel. The platform operates in real-time, and you can remove any content that you or your audience flag as inappropriate. You can also embed the platform on your own website or blog.”

To find out some more examples of how people used Google Moderator on YouTube, watch 11 more videos from users who were asked by Google to try out the Google Moderator. It’s kind of fun, actually.

MSN Launches its New Homepage with Bing Search in the Forefront

You know MSN, right? It’s Microsoft’s equivalent of the Yahoo content network. If you’re a Microsoft fan and an Internet Explorer user, this must be your browser’s start-up page.  For the past couple of months, MSN announced that it was redesigning its homepage and so the site is finally being rolled out to U.S. MSN users.

And what does the new MSN homepage brings to the table? Here’s a quick rundown of its new features:

  • It’s all about Bing – the Bing search box is now larger and is located front and center of your MSN homepage to let you search as quickly as possible. The new homepage also gives you popular topics and an increased prominence of Popular searches. There’s also a new TrendWatch feature which highlights the day’s top movers on Twitter. And finally, an increased focus on editorial programming of search-related content such as videos and images.
  • MSN Local Edition – MSN also has a localized version which gives you specific information depending on your local area. The new homepage now lets you personalize MSN Local and save up to 3 cities to follow.  The new feauture also brings in HyperLocal tweets which uses Bing search to power up local tweets. And MSN Local Edition now offers 3,000 news video clips a week across 36 local markets.
  • More HD videos on the homepage – in-line HD video is now being offered on the MSN homepage with minimal buffering.
  • Social networking on the homepage – Check your Hotmail, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live accounts on the MSN homepage.

YouTube Turns 5, Exceeds 2 Billion Views Per Day

May is YouTube’s month. It was on this month when the first beta version of come out into the open. That was five years ago when YouTube was launched with an aim of giving all of us a place to easily upload videos and share them with the world. Did YouTube achieved this? Obviously yes – and with a resounding success. In fact, as YouTube celebrates its five years of existence, the premiere video uploading site has achieved a remarkable feat – 5 billion views per day.

If 5 million views per day does not sound interesting or applaudable to you, I don’t know what is.  The fact still remains though that YouTube is a phenomenon. In fact, its current achievement can be compared to a double prime-time audience of perhaps all three major U.S. television netbworks.

After five years, YouTube has indeed transformed into a global platform that supports HD and 3D, live feeds of an entire sports season, top Holywood feature films, and even documentatries from activitists who want change.

What could be a better way of celebrating its fifth year anniversary but to launch a new YouTube channel that showcase how YouTube has helped changed people’s lives. The YouTube Five Year channel also lets you get into the mix by letting you upload your own video into the channel. But of course, you can’t just upload any videos there. It has to be something that tells about how YouTube has changed your life.

The new YouTube Five Year channel also features an interactive timeline that contains important moments and memes in the short history of YouTube.

Ready with your videos? Take part in this exercise and be part of YouTube’s history.

YouTube Rolls Out “Unlisted” Video Upload Option

Screen shot 2010 05 13 at 10.44.06 PM 490x326 YouTube Rolls Out Unlisted Video Upload OptionYouTube is a great site for hosting your videos, no doubt about that. But the problem with it is that when you upload a personal video that you just want to share with a few people, you can do so but then that video is searchable by any video who visits YouTube and chanced upon your video. In short, the videos you upload can be found by the whole world. There was no privacy setting that will let you restrict access to the video you uploaded in YouTube to only the people that you want to share your video with, not until now.

YouTube has just rolled out a new video upload option that will enable you to “unlist” the video you upload from being found by other people. Once you’ve unlisted a video after you uploaded it to you YouTube, only the people who have the link to the video will be able to watch it. It will never be displayed in any of YouTube’s public pages. Not in search results, on your personal channel or on the browse page.  Only you and the people you share the video link with will be able to watch it. Well, of course other people can find it if the link is shared by the people whom you shared the link with.

YouTube unlisted video is a private video. And what’s good about this is that the person you share the link with does not need a YouTube account to view your video. All they need is the link to it.

You’ll get the link to your unlisted video after you the upload process is finished.  Once you’ve unlisted a video and share it with someone else, that person will know that the video is unlisted by the “annotation” just below it when they’ve visited the video link you shared.

So, will you be uploading your personal video to YouTube now? Will you be using YouTube as a personal video storage from now on?

YouTube Rolls Out Seven New Features, Google Buzz Sharing Included

Screen shot 2010 05 01 at 8.20.06 AM 490x278 YouTube Rolls Out Seven New Features, Google Buzz Sharing Included

YouTube wants us to have them in our minds as we spend our weekends at home as it rolls out new features, seven of them to be exact that aims to improve our YouTube experience.  These new features are – five new languages, email alerts, new look for search results page, new sharing options, new upload interface, new player changes and enhance YouTube-for-iPad.

Let’s take a quick look at each of these enhancements.

YouTube has added five new languages – Greek, Hungarian, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian. If you want o view YouTube in any of those languages simply scroll down to the bottom of any page on YouTube, select “language” and click on any language and you’re good to go.

The YouTube email alerts feature has been made more useful Now, you can choose to receive an email alert whenever a new video was uploaded to the channel you subscribed to. Say goodbye to checking your email from time to time just to check whether new video has been uploaded. [Read more...]

YouTube Starts Rolling Out New Flash Video Player

Screen shot 2010 04 30 at 7.11.35 AM1 490x297 YouTube Starts Rolling Out New Flash Video Player

This is not quite official yet as YouTube has not announced yet official announced the roll out but New TeeVee is reporting that some YouTube users have spotted the new Flash Video player being used by some videos uploaded to YouTube.  What’s interesting about YouTube’s new video player is that it now displays some performance information about the video. The overall look of the video player also looks different from the regular YouTube video player.

As for the video players new features, some of the notables include relocation of the playback button, volume slider, information about the length of the video and selector for different video resolutions below the status bar.

The video player’s volume control was also tweaked a bit that instead of sliding upwards and downwards it was made to slide out sideways instead. This is of course to prevent the volume control from interfering with the video display.

YouTube also removed the caption or annotation buttons when these features are not available in the video.  Also, if you right-click on a video, YouTube will display an option called “show video info.”  This will bring up an information overlay showing size, bit rate, fps, transfer bandwidth and other details about the video and its playback performance.

And the most important enhancements has to do with preventing further buffering of the video. You can now stop the video at any time and clicking on the play button will resume the video’s playback from where you stopped it. Meaning it will no longer default to the start of the video.

Boxee Brings NHL Game Center Live to its Updated Service in Beta

NHL GameCenter Live Home Screen 300x187 Boxee Brings NHL Game Center Live to its Updated Service in BetaFor those of you who are currently using Boxee, which is currently in beta have a reason to rejoice as Boxee announced two new exciting features of its service. First is that NHL GameCenter LIVE is now available on Boxee.  If you are subscribed to this service on a monthly or annual basis, you can now enjoy watching great Hockey games and fights in HD mode on Boxee.

The other part of Boxee’s exciting announcement is related to updates to its service which is currently in beta mode. The latest version of Boxee beta has some interesting new features such as the following:

File Identification Progress – This feature lets you to easily see how many files Boxee is scanning, has identified, and doesn’t recognize in your media collection.  You can check the status of its media from any menu sidebar or from the Media settings menu.

Manual Movie and TV Show Identification – This feature lets you tell Boxee what’s in your media collection. It allows you to change incorrectly labeled files, find and identify unresolved files and select files to label them correctly.

Facebook & Twitter in your Boxee feed – Boxee Beta now lets you see recommendations from your Facebook and Twitter friends and contacts within Boxee. You can see shared videos in your feed with an icon on the right that tells you where they are from.

New & Improved RSS Management - The new version of Boxee Beta also now lets you better manage, discover and play RSS feeds in Boxee. You can search, arrange by category or sort through the most popular, top rated, new and HD feeds available on your Boxee account. You can then use the RSS feeds app to play back your favorites.

Bug Fixes and Fixes and Fixes, and Fixes! – Of course, just like any other version updates, the new Boxee Beta has addressed hundreds of bugs and issued various fixes to these.

Netflix Now Streams TV Shows and Movies to Nintendo Wii

nintendonetflix Netflix Now Streams TV Shows and Movies to Nintendo Wii

Nintendo and Netflix are treating Wii users all over the world with free streaming of TV and Movies on TV sets via Netflix services. The new TV and movie streaming services are provided free of charge to Wii users with existing Netflix plans starting at $8.99 monthly.

With a Nintendo Wii connected to a broadband service, a Netflix subscription you can practically turn your Nintendo Wii into a multimedia device. We’re talking here of unlimited movies and TV shows delivered courtesy of Netflix.  You can also opt to receive DVDs delivered straight to your door step.

Certainly this new service will boosts Netflix’s clout in the home entertainment scene. The Nintendo Wii remains to be the most popular gaming consoles, thanks to its motion controls which users find useful for both exercising and gaming controls.

As for Nintendo Wii, this new service extends its purposes and functions from a mere gaming machine to a portable multimedia entertainment device. It’s definitely a win-win for both parties.

To have streaming TV shows and movies from Netflix on your Nintendo Wii, you simply need to request for a free instant streaming disc from Once you have your CD, you can pop it inside your Nintendo Wii and you will presented with a catalog of movies and TV shows that you can freely watch.

via Business Wire

Netflix for iPad Lets You Stream Movies and TV Shows on iPad

Screen shot 2010 04 03 at 5.29.41 AM 489x322 Netflix for iPad Lets You Stream Movies and TV Shows on iPad

Right now if you take a look at, half of the news aggregators page is occupied by news items about the iPad, most specifically about iPad applications. Even Internet giants such as Google is announcing something about their mobile services for the iPad.

For us here in 901am, one of the apps that caught our interest since we used to cover news items about it is – Netflix which also released its own native app for the iPad. Available now from the iTunes iPad App Store, Netflix for iPad lets you instantly watch an unlimited number of TV episodes and moviews streamed directly from Netflix to iPad. Streaming is free of charge for Netflix members on plans starting at $8.99/mo.

The Netflix App for iPad will deliver high-quality viewing experience of a broad array of movie and TV choices through a clean and intuitive interface. TV episodes and movies are organized into a various categories based on personal preferences, popular genres, new arrivals and members’ invidivual instant Queues.

Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings said that his company is very excited about the Netflix app for iPad.

“The innovation and consumer appeal of iPad make it a perfect device for instantly watching TV episodes and movies streamed from Netflix,” said Reed Hastings.

If you’re a Netflix member and you bought the iPad, you may want to download the Netflix App for iPad from the iTunes iPad App Store. But wait since you don’t have your iPad yet, just take note of this app.  It’s a free app by the way.

Warner Bros is Hiring Student Piracy Spies

warner bros 490x372 Warner Bros is Hiring Student Piracy Spies

How far would a movie company go to fend of movie pirates and put a stop to their scheme which is causing the company billions of money in potential income?  Well, Warner Bros. through its Anti-Piracy division is going as far as recruiting students to spy on activities on private Torrent Sites.

If you’re an “IT literate” student who has experience participating in those torrent sites, you might want to apply for this internship at Warner Bros. Who knows it might open up other income-generating opportunities for you, right?

I mean what job could possibly be the best for you if you’re a student, which according to Warner Bros are very experienced with private Torrent Sites?

The job deals with both digital and physical piracy. And if you apply land the job, you’re responsibility include making trap purchase and maintaining accounts on those sites.  You will also be scouring the Internet looking for illegally posted and used Warner Bros. and NBC Universal content.  You will also be responsible for sending out take down and infringement notices to violators.

And guess how much Warner Bros. is willing to pay for this internship? –  £17,500 salary for the 12 month internship that will start on July 2010. Applicants are required to study a degree in a computing related discipline and programming experience with Java or JSP and PHP, Perl or Python is seen as a bonus.

Deadline for submission of application is on March 31. Interested with this cool job? Better send your application now.