Compelling Reasons to Use a VPN

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows a computer to access information via a public network (such as the Internet) all the while behaving as if it were connected to a private network. This achieves two things.
vpn 1440 460x459 Compelling Reasons to Use a VPN


One, what you do online becomes cloaked. That is, other people won’t know what you are doing online.

Two, your IP address is changed. That is, you will appear to originate from some other location.

I don’t know about you, but with all the privacy and security issues these days, those two things are more than enough to compel anyone to use a VPN. There are, however, other case-specific reasons that you may want to consider using a VPN. [Read more...]

Top Brands Utilizing Instagram

Instagram photos are everywhere today. They’re posted on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest among others attracting lots of attention from social media users owing to their unique designs. Surely, you’ve seen them with borders, in collages and sometimes with text thanks to the filters and editing tools in the app.

Since its launch more than three years ago, Instagram has gained more than 100 million active monthly users. And apart from the private individuals using the app these days, brands have also recognized this popular networking site’s importance. In fact, 67 percent of top brands are now using Instagram to reach their target market on a global basis.

Owing to its global reach, businesses admit that this famous photo sharing site is worth using in an effort to raise awareness of their brand. The great news is that in addition to images, users can now post videos and send direct messages similar to Twitter’s functionality. These messages can then be shared with individuals and even groups with up to 15 members. [Read more...]

How Cloud Storage is changing the World

When newer company Intranets started porting their information onto remote servers, we began a process of early cloud computing. The idea is that you should have access to all your important files regardless of the computer you are using. This is true for some company Intranets, but what about going home and working off your home network? Those network files are gone unless you can access the server(s) remotely.

clouds toys keychains How Cloud Storage is changing the World

Now we see the idea of lightning-fast cloud storage through multiple server farms. Architecture can be setup to run many connected HDDs from different machines – even different levels of RAID for data parity. Cloud storage infrastructure has been growing and trying to keep up with newer connection speeds. The industry has been slowed because of the poor economic conditions. Technology enthusiasts are still working hard to build layers upon layers of new software and hardware abstraction.
[Read more...]

Free WiFi To Be Offered in Six NYC Subway Stations

subway Free WiFi To Be Offered in Six NYC Subway StationsMore and more public areas are getting free WiFi as demand for connectivity to the internet increases. New York City is one  of the busiest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world but signals for phones and internet connections are still quite poor. But Boingo and Google Offers recently announced that it has partnered to provide free WiFi in six different subway stations all over New York City. Aside from the free WiFi in subways, 200 other hotspots all over Manhattan will provide Boingo services, allowing people to gain access to the internet all day. [Read more...]

Mozilla To Make Junior Browser for iPad

mozilla Mozilla To Make Junior Browser for iPadArguably, the most overlooked application in your computer or your mobile device (whether it be a tablet or a smartphone) is the browser. A browser has become so ubiquitous and such an integral part of surfing the internet that it is usually overlooked. It’s that app that is there, but is not there. I bet you just mindlessly open the browser of your choice, use it, then then close it without thinking about the browser itself and how it is the vehicle towards accessing the world wide web. [Read more...]

One in Five Americans Don’t Go Online

wireless connection icon 460x368 One in Five Americans Dont Go OnlineA surprising new study conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life project has shown that one out of five Americans do not use the internet. Yes, apparently there really are still people who have resisted the lure of the internet. [Read more...]

Watch out for the new WiFi standard 802.11ac

wifi Watch out for the new WiFi standard 802.11acJust like the internet, WiFi is a utility that we have come, not only to rely on, but to actually expect to be available when we need it in various places we visit. WiFi has become more prominent in our lives because of the popularity of various mobile devices that now allow us to access the internet wherever we are. WiFi has also practically replaced wired networks at home since it is easier to set up and allows multiple devices to connect to it. [Read more...]

London Subways to Get Mobile Internet Access In Time for 2012 Olympics

wifi subway London Subways to Get Mobile Internet Access In Time for 2012 OlympicsPeople now expect mobile internet access whenever they go out. Many countries now offer free internet to commuters. But London, which is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, still doesn’t have internet access in its world famous subway system. But this may change soon. [Read more...]

Vending Machines Turned into WiFi Hotspots in Japan

vending machine 300x225 Vending Machines Turned into WiFi Hotspots in JapanOftentimes, someone comes up with a simple idea that is so brilliant, you can’t help but tell yourself, “why didn’t I think of that?”

One simply brilliant idea that has the potential to be copied all over the world is one that the people at Asahi thought of. The popular Japanese drinks company has implemented what could be described as a moment of extreme ingenuity. The company has turned their vending machines into WiFi hotspots. [Read more...]

Traffic from Hand-held Devices Increasing

tablet user 300x199 Traffic from Hand held Devices IncreasingHere’s news that won’t really surprise you. A study conducted by comScore, majority of the non-computer traffic in the United States has increased by almost seven percent over the month of August this year. The increase in traffic has been largely attributes the use of smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. Smartphone usage has been identified as making up 64 percent of the non-computer traffic in the US, tablets occupy 28 percent.

In another predictable finding of the report, Apple’s various iOS devices dominated the smartphone and tablet categories. In terms of the tablet segment, the iPad made up 97 percent, while iOS smartphones (the various generations of the iPhone) owned 58.5 percent of the smartphone traffic. [Read more...]